Are American accents sexy to non-Americans?

I know we’ve asked similar questions before, about what accents we all find most attractive. Based on another thread (“Is this boy crazy?”) about an American lad who visits England and drops his native accent, it made me wonder.

Do people outside America find American accents sexy, the way Americans often enjoy French, British, Irish, or other accents? If so, are there any regional accents in particular?

Depends on the accent, but yah, American accents can be kind of sexy.

I’m in Canada, BTW. And yes, there is a difference in accent.

Nope, sorry, not in the slightest.

Don’t apologize, they’re nothing special to me over here, either. It’s hard to understand how somebody would find it exotic, which is why I asked. :wink:

I’ve heard that Brits found Marisa Tomei heavy Brooklyn accent attractive, but I think it had more to do with the looks of the actress that produced the sounds. :smiley:


Yeah, I think if you took an English girl and gave her an American accent she would move one notch up my personal hotness scale. But for many people, perhaps the American accent is just too familiar from TV and film to have much of an exoticifying effect.

Not at all. Partly because I don’t find typical American accents very pleasing to the ear, and partly (mostly, I guess) because I’ve been exposed to so many American voices through movies and television that my subconscious considers it the “default”.

I’ve had a couple of Brits tell me that they found my Southern accent (acquired by living in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee) sexy. Maybe they are thinking of Scarlett O’Hara and the flouncy Southern belle stereotype.

I suppose maybe I could go with that. My initial response was, I suppose, mainly directed towards Californian/New York/etc. accents which are the commonest in various media.

FWIW, no accent is as much of a turn-off as an Aussie one.

I find some of them quite sexy, but not the Californian accent (sounds too airheaded) or the New York Brooklyn accent (sounds like they are constipated).

Elvis had a great accent, not sexy to me, but great non the less.

It seems like you’re talking about english speakers but what about other languages.

As an english speaker I can sometimes tell where a non-english speaker is from based on their accent when they speak english.

So, is an american speaking French or Spanish or German or Japanese considered an interesting or nice sounding accent to native speakers of those (or any other) languages.

Can you immediately tell an American speaking Spanish (or French or German) from say an Australian or a Brit?

Just curious.

Oh yes, I find pretty much all American accents sexy. Even the Valley Girl one (though it would have to be on a very sexy slutty 20-something for that to work). A whiny New York one might put me off a bit - speaking from experience. But the Deep South one really does it for me: it hints at conservatism compromised by animal magnetism… phwoooar.

I consider them to be highly appealing. I have a customer with a very distinct Aussie accent who comes in every week and I’m always searching for excuses to keep him talking.

One of my friends married a Houston gal. She was at Harvard for college, then lived in Edinburgh for five or six years, then back to Houston, and currently lives in Cambridge (the English one). Her husband has a very broad Glaswegian accent, but he can communicate with other English speakers if pushed. It’s an odd combination of influences, but dammit I’d listen to her read the phone book. It’s especially great when she’s back up here visiting, the Scottish-ims come back after the first pint.

“phwoooar” ??

I don’t think I can judge sexiness on accent alone but to my ears the harshest native-English-speaking accent is a South African one, the most complicated that of an Indian kicked out of Uganda, the most incomprehensible a tie between a drunk Geordie and a drunk Aberdonian, and the sweetest, most euphonious is that of young women from Inverness. The last accent reminds me of larks ascending, early morning curlews, and nightingales.

A few (well, 9 or 10) years ago I was in line to get into a rave in an underground parking garage in Prague with a bunch of English kids and they were all apparently entranced with my American accent. They said I sounded like a gangster from “Pulp Fiction.” Made my day, for some reason. :slight_smile:

I’ll go with the last one. Two friends of mine have married women from that direction, and both of them have very attractive accents (although I don’t find them attractive :smack: )

When I worked in Israel, Israelis had a hard time placing my accent, which didn’t register as “American.” For them, an American accent was a New York accent, which they disliked, whereas my dulcet nominally Southern rendition of Hebrew was evidently very attractive.

Seriously? I (an American) love an Aussie accent. What don’t you like about it?