Are antidepressants a factor in mass killings?

I’ve noticed that news coverage of mass killings will include whether any illegal drugs are known to be involved, showed up in autopsies, etc. But I don’t see much mention of the use of antidepressants, or other prescription psychiatric medications.

It’s know that among the side effects of these drugs are increased tendencies to violent and suicidal behavior.

There are some sites that focus on this association such as this one. Others that refute it such as this one.

I don’t know if there is a valid correlation here, but it seems that there are too many people suddenly “going crazy” and killing a bunch of strangers, or even their own family. I’m starting to gather more data on this, and wonder if anyone else has an opinion or information on this.

Do you have any data that shows that mass killings are on the increase over time? I don’t have citations, but I believe that the trend is actually downward. Media coverage may be increasing.

I’ve seen the tie between antidepressants and suicidal behavior, but is there evidence linking them to violence against others?

I would expect that it’s far more likely that a person with emotional/mental issues tries treating them with antidepressants, which don’t help. When he eventually later goes on a rampage, it’s because of the aforementioned issues, not the antidepressants.

This is just something I grabbed from a quick search.

Why do say that’s “far more likely”?

This article and others find that mass murder rates don’t track with general homicide rates. General homicides are down in this country, but the mass murder rates don’t show a definite trend.

Or in other words, correlation does not equal causation!

That first link sounds like Scientology screed. Luckily, they put at the bottom

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Side-effects sheets are much more helpful when they give it in sections (“low risk,” “common,” etc.) Antidepressants have 80 million listed side effects. If violence is on there, is it high?