Are any law changes that empower small political donors possible anytime soon

Sanders is raising decent money, he raised $109 million in the first quarter of 2016. Seeing how in the general, public funds are about $91 million to cover 3 months worth of campaigning in the general election, those are pretty comparable numbers, about 30-40 million a month.

I’m going to assume as time passes more and more small donors will donate in future elections. So I’m wondering if any laws have a realistic chance of empowering small donors, and if so how would they work.

In 2008 (or 2004, I forget), John Edwards had a plan that was something akin to every $1 in small donations was matched with $4 in public funds. So if someone in Wyoming donates $50, then the public sector donates an additional $200. Obviously this number would be capped in total and for individuals.

Why do they not bring back tax credits for political donations? Everything you donate up to $250 or so is automatically credited to you when you do your taxes. Not deducted, but a tax credit. Is anything like that realistic? Didn’t they have this until the 80s, your donations were a tax credit? Something like that would make donating to a politician risk free for a small donor.

If only there was some legal form by which small donors could combine their contributions and act in concert…

Small donors seem to get more powerful each election cycle. I think at least. Sanders seems to be doing better with them than Obama did.

So changing the laws to empower small donors would accelerate the change, and reduce the influence of wealthy donors. In theory. But in practice, if a politician knows that a few million people will donate no matter how they act then this loses its power.