Are "Ask the..." threads allowed?

And if they were, where would they go?

We have had people attempt to set themselves up as experts in various things.

Sometimes it’s just general information, this is who I am and what I do, but since we really have no way to check bona fides, could be the real deal, could be total bs.

Some of the biggest board scandals have involved where people lied their asses off just to see if they could fool others.

Some of them were designed to shock and upset others, as well as being apologia or “plea for understanding.” This includes where people have confessed to committing felonies.

We’d just as soon not do this. Your moderators have enough to do every day as is without inviting in the kind of action that generates hurt feelings, fistfights, warnings, bannings, and other forms of moderator cleanup.

your humble TubaDiva

I was gonna start a “Ask the Moderator” thread, but then TubaDiva hit me across the knuckles with a t-square. (Not true, but she threatened to stand outside my window at 2 AM with a tuba serenade.)

Why not a simple “Ask the Jack-Bootie Nazi” thread so there’d be a place to put questions like these? :eek:

Seriously, that is a good idea. I sometimes refrain from posting threads because I’m not sure where they go (and don’t want to piss off a mod).

Oh! We used to have them, I didn’t know they were a no-no now.

I never make idle threats. Prepare to be entertained.

your humble TubaDiva
“I’ve suffered for my art, now it’s your turn.”

Oooooh, that might almost be interesting. Can I at least choose a night when I’m already going to be up at 2 am? Or at least make sure I’m home? I want a chance to hear Tubadiva perform in person!

Mods don’t get pissed off by an honest goof – and mods do recognize that sometimes the line between forums is fuzzy and grey.

Aren’t jack-booties for baby Nazis?