Are baboon heart transplants real?

I have a friend who claims his father has a baboon heart transplant, and his entire family goes along with it. I researched them and learned the longest person to live with one is 9 months. He also claims his father has “monkey rage” (which i couldn’t even find on the internet) where he acts like a baboon…I may be ignorant for asking this but are they pulling my leg or is this real?

Yes, yes they are.

Even in the extremely unlikely event that he got a baboon heart, and is doing anything but lying in a hospital bed on the way to dying, he wouldn’t have any medical reason to act like a monkey.

My sister has a pig’s bladder.
But I think they are pulling your leg.

Pulling your leg. Ask him to show you his transplant scar (although he may have a cool sternum scar from other heart surgery).

If the guy really does act like a baboon, I suspect it has more to do with his brain than his heart.

When you said baboon heart transplant, I wasn’t sure if you meant someone received a baboon heart, or that a baboon performed the operation. :eek:

Didn’t I see that on an episode of “The Outer Limits”?