Are beer signs illegal in Iowa? If you're from Iowa, read this please.

Here in Wisconsin,THE DRUNKEST PLACE ON EARTHTM, There are 2 1/2 taverns for every resident per capita. Most bars here have a large sign hanging outside that usually resembles a beer lable (Pabst, Miller, Bud, etc.) with “So & So’s Tap” or “Al K. Holics Inn” printed on the bottom. You all probably know what I mean. However, when ever I’m in Iowa, Dubuque especially, I notice that none of the taverns have these signs. All of the signs are of soda brands, usually Pepsi.Because I am the only person in my office who posses certain professional licenses for the state of Iowa, I end up getting sent over there every couple of months or so on business. I’ve yet to go into a bar there and ask why all the tavern signs are soda lables, which I guess would be the easiest way to answer this question. They still say the name of the establishment on them, but there are no beer signs. Just (mostly) pepsi. Why would a bar have a soda sign? I’m convinced that it must be illegal to have a beer sign in Iowa, or at very least, the city of Dubuque. Is it???

SE Iowa here

No I don’t think they are illegal.
Maybe a local Dubuquean :slight_smile: law.
Here in Mt Pleasant they have a no overhanging signs law. They think that is is closer to the way historically it was. I think they are full of it. The old timers would have advertised the best way they could.

Sorry, I grew up in Milwaukee (New Berlin to be exact) for 22 years. After an additional 6 years here in North Dakota, we do have the drunkards here in the Flatlands (trust me, it’s flatter than Illinois).

I know that in Iowa travel centers have beer signs (neon type) in their windows, so I would assume it’s a local thing in that city.

Oh, to cite my claim, Newsweek or Time a few weeks back reported ND has the highest rate of binge drinking. (Look it up) See what happens when you have these rebel Viqueen fans with no access to Summerfest?

Oops. I should have mentioned that all over Dubuque I do see the neon beer signs in tavern windows, but NOT the large hanging beer signs. Something must be up there.

In that case all I can offer is the one peice of wisdom I’ve learned from Minnesotans, stay the hell out of Iowa. I beleive in the acronym Idiots-Out-Wandering-Around.

The really weird thing is that they call a tap beer a draw! What’s that all about?
I’ve noticed the same phenomenon in Dubuque, pk, but it’s not the case in East Dubuque, which is in IL. So maybe it is a local ordinance.

Iowa Code sections §123.59, §123.60 through §123.88 and §123.119
Advertising …
Licensees may advertise price and brand names of liquor, wine and beer in the following manner:
Media (newspapers, radio, television, etc.).
Inside signs (neon signs, mirrors, etc.).
Outside signs (billboards, reader boards, etc.) which are not located on the licensed premises.
Licensees may not advertise specific brand names on signs located on the outside of their licensed premises (in the parking lot, on the outside of the building, etc.). Exception: Outside signs with specific brand names of liquor, wine and beer are legal when located in enclosed or partially enclosed areas (patio umbrellas with specific name brands in a fenced outdoor beer garden, etc.).

Ned, you rule.