Budweiser Milwaukee

I don’t buy Bud (though if you buy me one I’ll most graciously drink it :smiley: ). I noticed today at the beer depot cases of Budweiser and Bud Light that on the case said Budweiser Milwaukee, as though that were the name of the beer.


To the best of my knowledge it isn’t being brewed here.
The clerks in the store had no clue.

Anyone here have one?

Never heard of this. But an abomination if true. I feel an unnatural anger at just the thought of that crap being associated with Milwaukee.

If it was brewed outside Wisconsin, and wasn’t imported from Germany, Denmark or the Czech Republic, it ain’t beer. (End of opinion.)

Was this some promotional stunt? A misprint? A guy at the printing warehouse that pulled a prank? This is gonna bug me now. :frowning:

Your description leaves a lot to be desired, so I’m not really sure what you’re trying to illustrate here, but I will offer that Budweiser (and many other brewers and other consumer goods makers) does often use seasonal and regionally specific packaging. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case here.

In Chicago several brands, Bud included, use various versions of Cubs packaging. Bud Light bottles used to have a silhouette of the Chicago skyline in the field behind the logo on each bottle.

Still, something just saying “Budweiser Milwaukee” seems to lack enough creativity to make me wonder if there’s a different reason here. Of course if done stylistically, or if the OPs description is just lacking in enough detail, it could be perfectly typical.

It’s brewed in Van Nuys, which accounts for it’s lack of taste.


Imported beer = Old beer

Old beer = Nasty beer

Most common “imports” are contract brewed across the US anyways and sometimes only offer a passing resemblance to your beloved “Danish” or “German” beer.

One should drink locally (or from a company superior distribution skills with proactive policy towards eliminating out of code beer) if one is to have any credibility on the subject. Of course that still doesn’t mean you should touch the polluted swill Miller produces of course.

Perhaps the local distributors were trying to convey that this particular Budweiser was from a local wholesaler, so you’d know it was the freshest Bud available?

(Or perhaps in the hopes that the irrational xenophobic hatred exhibited by duffer could be lessened if he thought he was supporting a local business)? :slight_smile:

There’s a list of Wisconsin wholesalers here. I don’t know WI well enough to know if any cities listed are suburbs of Milwaukee.

I grew up in New Berlin, and unless they made a massive renovation they store Bud, they don’t brew it.

And my xenophobia is always rational. The only irrationality is directed to virulent anti-smokers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant fresh as in recently brewed and recenty distributed

::Takes drag, nods approvingly::