How many varietie of "Budweiser" are there?

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Anyways, I checked the website and couldn’t find a product list so can someone help me out? The ones I know of are:

Bud Light
Bud Ice
Bud Dry

Bud Ice Light
and I think
Bud Dry Light

Now wait for the beer elitist’s to come in and say the Bud isn’t REALLY beer or some other nonsense.


Real Budweiser brewed in Budejovice in the Czech republic and the near water variety from the USA


uhh… Too many?

Originally there were three varieties: Budweis, Budweiser, and Budweisest. But the Anheiser-Busch marketing department decided to focus on one brand and chose their “medium” product.

…which is available on this side of the Atlantic under the name Czechvar. Drink it, and know what Budweiser only dreams of being.

A local bar/restaurant that does cabaret has this disclaimer (quote is not completely accurate, but close) on their beer menu:

[words to this effect] “Budweiser Tax: We try to serve the best premium beers from local and northwest breweries, but you nitwits continue to drink pisswater like Bud and Miller Lite. Since that is the case, we levy a 50 cent surcharge on these products to discourage their consumption.” [/words to this effect]

Bud ain’t beer, says this beer elitist.

Speaking as a guy who had Budvar in Europe and loved it…

The Chechvar I found was awful. I’m assuming this was because of shipping to the States. The stuff over there was delicious, almost sweet. I couldn’t finish a bottle of the Chechvar, though I’m sure it wasn’t because it was an inferior product. Because of the experience I had with it, I’ll never buy it again, though. Too bad.

I love good beer, but I’m no beer snob. Budweiser (the Anheuser-Busch kind) is fine for the style of beer which it is.

As to the original question, didn’t there (years ago) used to be a Bud Dark? I remember that Bud Man had a friend in a black suit who I think was supposed to represent this offering. Or maybe it was a Bud Malt Liquor of some sort?

Side-note: Budweiser is now a sponsor in Formula One. Next stop, world domination?

Best two beers in the world? Free and Cold.

-Budweiser Red Label- was only available in select cities (I had it in NYC about 8 months ago), tasted like a Budweiser made with better ingredients and was actually pretty good. Dunno if it’s still around. It may have been turned into…
-Budweiser World Select- new beer, green bottles, haven’t tried it.

Mojo (normally not a Budweiser fan)

In defense of American Budweiser:

  1. the Czechvar i had in Prague was not all that. maybe i just don’t like pilsners though.

  2. As far as American macrobrewed “lawnmower beers” go, Budweiser is toward the top of the heap as far as sheer drinkability goes-- during the good beer drought that occurs toward the end of a house party, I find it palatable, especially when compared to Coors and Miller, which are truly swill and I would be hard pressed to finish a can. And a light tasting beer can be perfectly refreshing on a hot afternoon, when a hoppier beer is too dry and a darker beer is too heavy. Asahi also answers that need.

  3. It’s 5% alcohol, which is perfectly respectable for an adjunct beer.

  4. however, interesting factoid: the “beechwood aging” they boast of in their commercials is in fact to compensate for using a highly flocculent (“lazy” yeast, in that the wood chips in the bottom of the tank allow the sleepy yeasts to settle where they have increased surface contact with the beer itself, and it hardly matters that it’s beechwood specifically.

Warning, I am a beer snob.

Having visited the brewery many many many times (my parents’ are from St Louis) I think that Bud’s taste downfall comes from brewing with RICE. There is no flavor in rice… that’s why real brewers use barley or wheat. Sure, rice is cheaper, but it adds NOTHING to the beer, imho. Hence, alcholic water.

It is 5% alcohol unless you buy it in grocery stores or convenience stores in Kansas… then is is 3.2%.

One AB product I do like is Amber Bock (yes, Budweiser does own EVERYTHING, including Michelob, ODoul’s and Tequiza) Their hefeweizen isn’t half bad either.

They have 30 beers for US sale. cite:
Bud Light
Bud Ice (higher alcohol content)
Bud Ice Light
Mich Light
Mich Ultra (low carb, though only one less gram than Miller Light)
Mich Golden Draft
Mich GD Light
World Select
Amber Bock
Honey Lager
Black and Tan
ZiegenBock (only in Texas)
Pacific Ridge (western US only)
Busch Light
Busch Ice
Natural Light (cheap favorite of drunken frat boys everywhere)
Natural Ice
Malt Liquors:
King Cobra
Bacardi Silver
Silver Raz
O3 (known as Bacardi Ozone around here)
Doc’s hard Lemonade
180 (redbull competitor)
O’Douls Amber
Busch NA (non-alcoholic)

Give me a microbrew or import any day.

In one of the “Why Things Are” books, Joel Achenbach says exactly that: American beers are watery and unfulfilling because the big houses use rice.

Huh, I could have sworn there was a Bud Dry.

I was just curious. Personaly I don’t care much for Bud (except for Bud Ice occasionally). Corona is my favorite.

There definitely WAS a Bud Dry, and I think there is. When I tried to be a bootlegger I made the mistake of stocking up on Bud Dry (because it was cheaper) and I couldn’t sell a single bottle.

Of course there was a Bud Dry. Otherwise, why do I have these awful 90s commercials stuck inside my head? “Why ask why?” their catchphrase went. “Try Bud Dry.”

I don’t remember ever trying it, but then again, I’ve never been a big fan of Budweiser in the first place, or of pilsners in general.

I thought I saw Bud Dry in a store just a few days ago though.