Are belts necessary?

Aren’t belts just fashion accessories? Every time I dress up, somebody points out that I’m not wearing a belt. I reply that that’s because my pants aren’t falling down. I can understand if you’ve just lost a bunch of weight and you can’t afford new pants, but why else would you wear a belt? Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy pants that fit in the first place? And why is it considered so gauche not to do so when in formal attire? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if they’re not performing their intended function they’re basically just window dressing, like ties, aren’t they? I don’t get it. Please enlighten me.

Some people have large thighs and relatively thin waists. Unless I am willing to get professionally tailored pants for everything I do, I have a fair amount of slack space in the waist because of having to buy a larger waist to get the thighs to fit and without a belt the pants would fall down.

Oh well, we all need a good flame war every now and then to clear the chaff away. Anyways, the thin waist/thick thigh argument makes no sense, if you think about it. Sure, I suppose there might be one or two people on the whole planet that gain fat on their thighs before they put in in there abdominal region, but I’m sure fashion wasn’t set for these people. (I can just see it, “Nice chest, nice butt, but look at those huge tree trunks!”)

No, belts were made for us regular-type folks. ok, you regular type folks. you know, the ones with the belly bigger than their legs? Without a belt, you’re just a flasher without a cause. On the other hand, the rest of us don’t need to worry about that, because jeans makers can spend the money they would otherwise spend on material on paying a designer to prevent such problems.

Heh heh, the flames should be stoked now… :slight_smile:

What a fool I was! Yes st1d, it’s all so clear now that you’ve explained it. Fashion is strictly for those folks, like yourself, with skinny little legs and giant drooping, swaying beer guts they have to lift up if the want to urinate. Thanks for the heads up!

Well, I need 'em. Always.
I’m 6’4" tall and weigh 175 lbs. I’m pretty thin, and I have great trouble finding pants that are long enough for my legs and thin enough around the waist. So, I just get pants that are long enough and too thick, and pull in the extra waist with a belt. It’s easier than getting pants that fit my waist, but are far too short.
And I’m FAR from being able to afford custom pants.

I for one use my belt as a device to HOLD stuff. Things like my Leatherman tool, a mini Maglite, etc. It’s FAR more convenient and comfortable than shoving it all in my pockets.

Also, many of us just aren’t blessed with waist sizes that end up being an even number of inches, and like to be able to breathe instead of wearing too-tight pants. So, to maintain a neat appearance, particularly when we wear shirts that tuck in at the waist, we wear belts.

Ties and folded collars aren’t strictly “necessary”, either, but if you want to look like a slacker/slob your whole life, more power to ya!

“Sure, I suppose there might be one or two people on the whole planet that gain fat on their thighs before they put in in there abdominal region”

AKA women ?

There’s a pretty good bit of sexual dimorphism as far as where people pack on the extra pounds !

It definitely is a fashion thing. It ranks right up there with whether your socks are supposed to match your shoes or your pants.

The funniest thing I have seen is people who wear a belt and suspenders.

The other concept that hasn’t occured to you you is that men with well deveoloped thigh muscle need the extra room. Ask Lance Armstrong how easy it is to buy off-the-rack.

Yup, if they’re not holding up your pants then they are fashion accessories. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Belts can show off your taste and style. They can visually break up your upper torso from you lower torso if you’re wearing the same color above and below the belt. You can complement or highlight the color of your pants by wearing different colored belts. There are funky belts, belts that brighten an otherwise sombre outfit, and that’s just for men!

Yeah, and being Caucasian I can paint my nails to differentiate them from the flesh surrounding. A utility belt I can see as usefull, but a fashion accessory is something probably discussed with your “close” female friends. Dons asbestos suit for coming flames :wink:

Ain’t you got no sense of style, man? Good fashion sense can help you attract members of the opposite sex with a likewise sense of style. I will likely say your asbestos suit is off the rack.

I admit, the suit was a good comeback. But I never asked a male friend if a belt made my look complete. At the same time, if I had to ask a woman’s perspective, it would be a woman I was interested in and therefore wouldn’t outright ask. If she wasn’t someone I was interested in, her opinion wouldn’t carry a lot of weight. Just my world view.

I don’t need a belt with jeans but none of my suits, including tailored, are cut in a way that they would fit properly without a belt. The fabric also isn’t as strong as denim and the clasps and buttons are not made to withstand any significant pressure. Most trousers outside of jeans aren’t real designed to hang properly on you without a belt.

Other then that it does finish the look. I can’t recall asking about a belt though I have been given for wearing a black belt with brown shoes. My business partner once left a GQ article on my desk regarding the appropriate drape of ones trousers.

Count me in that category. I have enormous thighs. I’m about a 35 waist, but most slacks I buy have to be around a 38-40 in the waist for my thighs to fit in there. My thighs are pretty muscular, but they’re HUGE. It runs in my family. My dad’s are the same way. (of course, he has a big waist to go with them!). When I buy jeans, I have to buy Levi’s LOOSE jeans so my thighs will fit normally. It’s really annoying. Think about what speed skaters must go through: Their thighs are twice the size of mine, and they’ve got 32 inch waists!


Belts were made so the kids at my school can sag their shorts and expose their boxers. :rolleyes:

But it’s soooo cool.

I have the exact same problem as Mnementh, except that I’m 5’10 and weigh about 120. I’m thinner than a sapling, and if I want pants that fit, then they’re bound to be a little wide on the waist.