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Fashion questions regarding pantaloons…

[li]- If the outer leatherette label of jeans is only sewn on the top and bottom, should a belt be looped over or under such label? In other words, should the label be showing over the belt?[/li]
[li]- How much slack should there be on the pant legs, i.e. How much sock/ankle should show when walking/sitting?[/li]

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Over. Only people who want you to know that they wear name brand jeans put the belt under.
For jeans, long hem is better, from a stylistic point of view.

Dockers and khakis, there should be a little lift when you sit down, but jeans should not move.

Those ridiculous wide-leg jeans that look like skirts or monk robes are atrocious, though. There should be room, but not that much.

And keep the jeans the same width pretty much throughout the leg. Bellbottoms are hideous.

I don’t care if people see the little leather patch on my jeans – but I still wear the belt under the patch. I see it as another belt loop. I think it looks goofy to have the belt over it, although it seems like that’s how most people do it. Otherwise, agree with Pete on the length.

But it means you are gay if you put the belt under the leather patch. Unless you put the belt in from the right side in front.Then you are a left handed pedophile.

I would think that you’d have to be an intenationally renowned fashion guru to respond to that one, El Mariachi.

There’s just no one on this board than is qualified to answer this haut couteur query.

Any way is fine. . .so long as you leave the top of your underwear showing about 2". :wink:


And make sure to tuck your shirt into your undies too. I hear that sock-suspenders are making a big comeback too…

It only hurts when I laugh.

Of course, the right way to do it is to pick out the stitching and get rid of the advertising completely. That way nobody can tell you’re wearing no-names. :wink:

The big-name brands have a fortune to spend on ads anyway, and don’t need my help.

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Put on shoes or sneakers (not high-tops or boots), stand up straight, and have a friend stand several feet behind you. If he can see your socks, your pants are too short.

What’s wrong with bell-bottoms???
::Sigh:: My clothes went out of style before I was born.


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