levi's jeans

OK. I can’t find much in the archive regarding Levi’s jeans, so I’m taking it to the people. Here is my situation: Levi 501 shrink-to-fit jeans apparently have an extra flap of leather attached to the portion of leather that is stitched onto all Levi’s near the back right pocket. This extra flap is connected to the permanent leather with a perforation, and there is the crux. Some at my office fervently say that the flap stays on as a matter of fashion etiquette. Others say pishtosh - it’s perforated, and therefore meant to be taken off. For my part, I didn’t really care, but this has been going on with such intensity that I submit it to anyone out there, to see if I can get rid of this pain in the Levi’s ass once and for all.


      • It’s perforated to help you get the hint that it’s supposed to be cut off.

FWIW, “fashion etiquette” is so volatile and ephemeral that both sides may be right. I remember having a bitter arguement with my mother when I was a teenager over whether a particular pair of pants I owned should be worn with or without a belt. “It has belt loops,” she reasoned, “so it should be worn with a belt, like the manufacturers intended.” “But MOM, only a total geek would wear a belt with this kind of pants! No WAY am I wearing a belt with these!” and my frriends agreed. In 1982 and at my middle school, we were right, and she was a total geek.

I also once owned a pair of pants with both built-in suspenders and belt loops.

Logic just can’t be applied to fashion!

Life is too short. They’re your pants. Do what you want.