Your sartorial pet peeves?

Things that virtually nobody notices or seems to care very much about when it comes to clothing make, colour, style, etc… but irritate you (when nothing more pressing is on your mind).

  • Men’s dress shirt single breast pocket. Who besides Dilbert carries things in that pocket anymore?

  • Men’s dress shirt placket. I prefer a clean (french) line down the front of my shirt. A traditional placket is often stiff and buckles and breaks that simple elegant look, especially since wearing a tie is becoming less and less necessary for men’s business attire.

  • Shirt buttons that yellow and crumble. You’d think by now clothes manufacturers would come up with a material that dry cleaners could not destroy in a matter of a dozen or so cleaning cycles.

Fake pockets on waistcoats. A proper fob pocket is unbelievably useful re-purposed to carry your cellphone, but too often they’re just for show, with only about an inch inside. Actually any faux-pocket on a jacket that just consists of a flap covering nothing. I want depth, damn it. If you don’t want me to put stuff in it and mess up the lines, fine, don’t have outer pockets.

This might be your problem. Your cleaning your clothes too much. I only clean mine like twice a year to make them last. See if that helps.

The phrase “please advise.”

To me, it reads as such a dickish phrase. It immediately makes me turn red and say nasty things about the sender.

I don’t know how it’s supposed to be taken but I suspect I am taking it wrong. Hate it with a passion, though.

I’m not sure how I can limit cleaning my dress shirts to just twice a year.

That’s easy. Just buy about 130 dress shirts.

How is that relevant?

As for this, there’s also an easy fix; have your shirts tailored to use studs and not buttons.

People wearing band t-shirts to a concert by the very same band. We get it, you really like the band! I do too, that’s so amazing, we have so much in common! I never would have guessed that there were other fans of the band right here at their concert! Exceptions are if it is a really old shirt.

Like a tuxedo shirt?

Seems cheaper to just keep replacing the buttons.

You don’t leave the studs on the shirt when you send them out for cleaning; you (or more likely your valet) removes them each evening and puts them on the new shirt in the morning.

I shall inform Alfred of his new responsibility. Just as soon as he’s back from detailing the bat mobile.

Ha! My bad! I read the subject quickly, took two phone calls and read an article before coming back to ramble off my two cents.

What a dip! lol

Don’t worry, I missed the “…when it comes to clothing…” part too at first.

On topic:

Jeans with no back pockets make me irrationally annoyed.

My godfather had a suit jacket with a fake handkerchief sticking out of a fake breast pocket. Drove me nuts.

When I can’t figure out if something is blue or purple.

Pants that have the pockets sewn shut, or that have tiny fake pockets.

I like dark solid colours for my business shirts, but it’s hard to find many of them except in ‘slim fit’ or ‘tailored fit’. i need a little more generous a cut than that.

Women’s pants often suffer from crappy pockets. When I used to have to wear black pants to work, I stocked up at the Goodwill. Not one pair had decent pockets. There either weren’t any at all, or they were too shallow to hold anything you didn’t want to lose. One pair had a gold zipper at the waistband- a real working metal zipper- with nothing behind it. :smack:

Clip-on ties. If you’re a police officer and don’t want to give criminals something to grab on to, you’re exempt. The rest of you, learn to tie it.

This goes for bow ties as well.

Brown shoes with gray suits / slacks. I don’t know when that became acceptable from a fashion standpoint, but I can’t get used to it.

Depends on the belt, shirt, tie colors. There’s nothing wrong with gray & brown.

And then there’s winter outerwear that doesn’t have enough pockets. Years ago I bought a coat at AF with 12 assorted pockets (dedicated pockets for cell phone, etc.). I’m still wearing it; wish I could find a new one like it.