Are blind people out and about totally blind?

I have seen a lot of blind people using canes taking subways, El’s and buses. Are these people totally blind. I am simply in awe of them as I would be terrified. I have accidently gotten off at the wrong stop if I am not thinking. I can’t imagine being totally blind and doing this.

I have seen blind people with dogs and I can see them being totally blind as they have a helper but just a cane is really brave in my opinion.

  1. Depends on the person. A lot are totally blind. Others have severe visual impairments.

  2. You have to be totally proficient with a cane before they will let you have a dog. The dog can help in a lot of ways, but he can’t exactly ask directions! A (totally) blind friend of mine has opted not to get a dog. She does fine without one, and does not feel that the assistance that a dog would provie would justify the expense and bother.

I am in awe of blind people on the subway, too. But they don’t miss their stops because they tend to pay more attention to things–like the number of stations between destinations–that the sighted don’t bother to think about.

yes, they do travel totally blind, cross roads, etc. i had done a workshop with the blind a long time ago… it’s amazing the stuff they do… most of which i can’t do with my eyes open … and have you seen them sculpt ? i’ve even played cricket ( a game vaguely similar to baseball, if you have no clue ) with them… the ball has some noisy things that clink and clank and they actually hit it and catch it and stuff… it’s amazing…