Are Canadian and US DVDs identical in Content?

I realize that they’re compatable since they’re both region one, but are canadian DVDs sets likely to be identical in content as US ones? (differences in non-english language tracks aside) I’m curious because this set from the Canadian Amazon site (which will ship to the US according to their FAQ) is offering the same DVD set as the US site for $40 less, given the exchange rate. Since neither the US or CA site has mentioned the DVD “extras” features yet, I don’t know for certain that they’d be identical, so I haven’t pre-ordered it yet; I suspect that they’re all manufactured in the same place and therefore identical, but I want to be sure. I’ve posted this on the X-files site too, since I know people there order from Canada, but haven’t got replies so far.

Does anyone here from the US make it a practice to order DVDs from Canada (or vice versa), and have you found any noticable differences in the disks’ contents?

There is sometimes a language track difference, in that a Canadian DVD may have a French track the US one doesn’t have. Other than that, I have never seen a difference in content; however, there have been some cases of differences in packaging. The Princess Mononoke DVD, if I remember correctly, differed from the US edition and the International edition, which was the one released in Canada.

Of course, I could be wrong, but as a general rule I would not expect a difference.

I’ve bought all the X-Files sets from another company in Canada for this very reason. The absolute cheapest I’ve found these sets in the US is around $110.

There’s a similar thing happening with the Star Trek TNG & DS9 sets. I’ve been buying them from because the European versions come in the hard shell packages. Depending upon the exchange rate, they cost about as much as the US versions (in their inferior cardboard cases).

Well, Canada/US is fine, as we’re both region 1. UK is region two, and I’ve yet to see a movie released as region 0 (which, really, they should all be). Is there some category of movies that are?

Porn is Region 0.

I once bought the Canadian version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because the Australian version didn’t come in widescreen (though, very much later they finally put one out) and the US version was the “Sorceror’s Stone” which I didn’t want.

So in that singular instance I can tell you a special Region 1 Canadian version was pressed.