Are carribean med schools real?

What I mean is this. I was walking around the campus of my school the other day.(Since I actually quit my job and went back to school as a pre-med student. Yes, hurray for me.) I saw a bunch of adverts posted on the message board for carribean med-schools. I saw one for St. George in Grenada, which I’ve actually heard of. I also saw one for the School of the Americas. ( for anyone that cares.) Are there alot of reputable med-schools in the Carribean? If one were to go there for his MD what problems could arise if he were to practice in the US?(Ok, I’m talking about me. I admit it.) Just trying not to limit myself or anything.(Whatever school allows me to be a physician in the US is all that really matters to me.)

I have a friend who went to the med school in Grenada. The key to practicing medicine in the US, as I understand it, is to do your residency in the US. As long as the med school is accredited and you do well enough to get accepted to a US residency, it shouldn’t be a problem.

If your pre-med university has a med school, I’d also check with them.

Puerto Rico is in the carribean and it has some good med schools. Not as good as the best in the USA, but not crap.


A couple of years ago a friend of mine was going through the med school application process and was kind of stressed. He wasn’t sure where (or if) he would get accepted to any of the med schools in the states. He was thinking about whether or not he would go to the Carribean to study. He said he was worried about that because he believed there was somewhat of a stigma attached to doctors that studied in the Carribean (among other doctors at least). He also said it wasn’t as easy to get certified (can’t remember what exactly he said) if you went to med school in the Carribean. Those were just the perceptions I remebered him having, I don’t know if they’re true for any doctors of if it’s just what he thought. It didn’t turn out to be an issue for him as he was accepted to all of the schools where he applied.