Are children still being taught to tie shoes and tell time?

Seems like there’s very little need for either skill nowadays.


My daughter can do both.

Do you live in an old folks home where everyone wears velcro sneakers or something? I have to tie my shoes almost every day. I also wear an analog watch. I must be a caveman.

My kids are in kindergarten and first grade. They are being taught to tell time on an analog clock. Tying shoes is not in the curriculum but I taught my daughter how to do it. I haven’t gotten around to teaching my son yet.

By “tell time” I assume you mean to interpret the hands on an analog clock and not just read the numbers off a digital display and know what the mean, correct? I am teaching my daughter that, but it is doubtful that she will encounter a clock like that very often in her lifetime. The only one we have in the house is a retro clock display my phone has.

A lot of shoes, especially for adults and teens tie, so learning to tie shoes is still a needed skill.

I doubt my 11yo knows how to tie shoes.

This is pretty much my fault. He’s still at that age where he likes to emulate his Dad a lot. I personally don’t wear shoes with shoestrings. (or Velcro, it’s a germaphobe thing)

So basically, since I don’t buy shoes with shoestrings; neither will he.

I’m not too worried about it. I seriously doubt it would take an adult more than five minutes to learn to tie a shoe.

Mine is.

Knowing how to tie a shoe is not just for shoes- it’s a bow knot. There are many applications for it, and yes, even in this whiz-bang techno world. My kids have known how to do it since they were three or four.

Digital watches and clocks have been around for decades, and as far as I know telling time on an analog clockface has not gone the way of the buggywhip. My eight year old can do it, and we’re working on it with her younger sister.

I see old school clocks all the time. My alarm clock is an old school clock.

Plus, lots of shoes still come with laces. Even though most of mine aren’t lace ups, my sneakers are–and I rarely see any velcro sneakers.

Good call on the tying other things. Tying bows comes in handy in a lot of areas.

All four of my kids can tie their shoes. And all but the youngest (he’s 5) can also tell time on an analog clock.

These are still necessary skills.

Even in lots of schools, up on the wall. They’re hardly obsolete, I don’t think most schools put digital clocks up.

Digital clocks and watches have been pretty commonplace for probably 30 years, but analog clocks & watches are still everywhere, especially if you wear a dressy watch.

Most shoes still have laces, too.

All children of-age that I know (and that’s a lot) know these skills.

I’ve known a lot of kids who don’t know how to tell time (from an analog clock), but never any that don’t know how to tie their shoes past age 6 or so. And I don’t know how they’d survive without help if they did.

I’m excepting people in special ed, but even most of them that aren’t autistic know how.

I’m curious, OP. Where do you live that tie shoes are as infrequent as analog clocks?

Clocks were a huge thing in first grade, with a repeat in second (and I think an introduction in kindergarten). Now that they are forth and fifth graders, telling time is a done deal.

Tying shoes we had to teach them. I remember being taught in Kindergarten, but my kids didn’t have it in school. They spent that time teaching them to “Just Say No.”

Hell, I’m wondering where folks who think analog clocks are a rarity live.

I know I was in kindergarten in 1969 and I knew how to tie my shoes, but about half the class didn’t, so we had lessons in that.

I don’t recall anyone teaching me to tell time. Someone did, obviously, but I don’t know if it was the school or my mum. I knew how to read simply before I went to kindergarten, and by 1st grade I was really into reading, so I caught on, but my mum was always a HUGE person on reading.

That was required daily

Los Angeles. Most little kids wear shoes with velcro. Not to say that no kid has a clue about tying shoes, but there’s an awful lot of velcro. And sandals.

The answer is, “yes”
Why wouldn’t they be? Kids don’t all wear velcro and they need to tell time on analog clocks.

I don’t think they are actually rare, just not the most common, anymore. Tied shoes are definitely hands down the most common.