You can multi-quote across threads! Did you know this?

I did not know this, but in trying to investigate Stink Fish Pot’s issue, I discovered it. Did you know this?

Like see? From different threads in different forums. All at once!

ETA: posts selected at random. Except the last one :smiley:

Golf clap

I see this as potentially becoming an issue for moderators, but then again, maybe not. Or it could bring some fun: a new “guess the forum where this post was found” game for our Games Forum.

ajb867, I think that what will happen you is one of those slow claps that start withs a single person, then gradually more and more people join in, until finally everyone is on their feet applauding enthusiastically.

Allow me to start: clap… clap… clap…

I discovered this accidentally a while ago when I multi-quoted something in one thread and then found the quotes following me around everywhere (until it finally stopped as mysteriously as it started).

Other: I did know this, I do not think it is cool (well, maybe a little), and I thought everyone knew.

How do you do this?

Just click the multi-quote button (that thing to the right of the quote button with the double-quote marks) for any post you eventually want to have in your reply. It will save them up until you hit reply or quote and then put them all in there for you, automatically.

It’s neat.

Go to any other thread, click the multi-quote button on any post, come back to this thread and post a reply (not quick-reply). Below the text box should read “You have selected 1 post that is not part of this thread. Quote this post as well, or deselect this post.” You should be able to figure out what to do from there.

Each quote has a small > image after the poster name, which is actually the anchor to the post. So, basically, if you click on the > it will take you directly to the quoted post. This defeats your game, unless the anchor is manually deleted from the quote tag.

I’m surprised that this was a surprise.

Until recently I didn’t even know how to multi-quote.

I learned how to do this accidentally the day before this thread got started.

I had several posts selected to quote and respond to, then thought better of it and closed the thread. Then I attempted to quote someone else in a whole new thread and it gave me a small warning at the bottom of the post composition section saying “You have selected quotes that are not related to this thread. Still quote them” and I said hell naw.