Where can I find how to use the multiquote feature?

I haven’t had any luck so far.


The FAQ (linked in the main link bar, above) has a section on Replying to a Post, which briefly explains the multi-quote feature:

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Go into a thread, click on the multi-quote button in a few different posts, then click Reply and it should just work.

You can also multi-quote across threads:

Or click the multiquote button(s) and then click the quote button on the last thing you want to quote.

Click on the third of the four boxes in the lower right of each post (the one with the close quotes/plus sign symbols) of each post you want to quote, in the order you want to quote them in.

You can quote across threads with this feature – go to the first thread, click on the post(s) you want, go to the thread where you want to post.

When you’ve gathered the quotes you want, go to the thread where you want to post and hit “post reply.” The quotes you want will be there in the order in which you clicked them.

When I tried to quote you, using multiquote, at the bottom of the box was a question asking if I wanted to add that post as well. Select it, and it will magically appear in the message box. They will appear in the order you clicked them, as long as you don’t type any text in the message box.

Correct me if I’m wrong: multi-quote doesn’t preserve another person’s quoting of someone else? i.e. quoting srzss05’s post won’t show her quoting sweeteviljesus’ post.

I don’t see the point of this feature if you’d have to go through the thread and find what they’re replying to as well if you wanted quoting them to make any sense.

Yeah, that’s a “feature”. For some reason vB thought it would be better this way. Note that you don’t need to go looking for the post, just click on the little > image and it takes you right to the post, which you can then add to multi-quote (and manually nest if you want).

I’ve seen message boards with nested quoting enabled.
Every post in the thread becomes a quoting of every post in the thread,

It is better this way!

CMC fnord!

I agree. That nested quoting feature does get abused, much like the quoting feature itself often does with people quoting a page long post to add one line (not that I have seen a lot of that here, but other boards are bad for it) but if there were available such a feature to allow nesting quotes with a limit, say…one quote of a quote only, that would be nice and would help “clean up” the look of a lot of multi-quoted posts without having to do so manually (which can get tedious enough that I usually skip it altogether).

It took me longer than I care to admit to figure out what the multi-quote button was though much less how to use it, I probably shouldn’t be trusted with nesting multi-quote anyway. :wink:

Unless I’m being prevented from seeing the Fourth Box ('cause I know I’m such a trouble maker around here), there are only three, and the fourth one is probably related to moderating. So for me, at least, it’s the middle button.

Quote - Multiquote - Quick Reply.

twickster is a mod, so she sees Edit as the first button on every post, and it probably slipped her mind that others don’t see that.

Heh. Good point. I see the logic, but I haven’t seen that kind of abuse on the SDMB. But I guess as a vB developer it does make sense.

Right. In a board I frequent, every once in a while someone feels like starting a thread tunnel. We (I mean they) just start quoting each other until it looks like a tunnel and the formatting breaks. Luckily, it is a very small board and the mods cannot ban us (I mean them) but it does create some work for them to clean up.

Limited nesting (one or two levels) would be great, but I don’t know if that’s a feature that this software offers.

Ah. Multiquote doesn’t do what I thought it did. I thought it was for breaking up a particular post into multiple quotes so that you could respond to each paragraph interstitially. That doesn’t exist, does it?


Nope, you need to do that by hand. (Add
at the end of the first chunk, and a

before the beginning of the second.)

That is what I normally do, but it is a pain. Well, time to put in an enhancement request with vBulletin’s developers…


Or highlight and click on the quote icon.

at the end of the first chunk, and a

No point to this post, it’s just a test of the multiquote.

The split made me giggle. I must be easily amused.