Practice Quoting and Multi-quoting here. (I need this thread!)

I’ve quoted, but when I publish the post, I don’t always see the quote in the new post/reply I make. I also want to practice and figure out how to multi-quote, so I am putting this here. Feel free to quote and practice quoting here.

This should be a regular quote of my first post.

OK, so do you all see the quote in post #2? I did it and it disappeared once I published. I only see my new line from post #2.

Also, the “edit pencil” turned orange and said my post was edited…

What is going on?

I tried highlighting only what I wanted to quote and THEN hitting the reply box. Seems to work.

Apparently, it is set up to automatically delete/remove any quote where we quote the entire post. I don’t get why that would be the case.

This should be removed. I dropped the word “I” from your post above and I presume it will allow it now.

Can we get this fixed?

To quote your entire post, I first hit the “reply” to your post, and then hit the little bubble in the upper left of my reply field. This automatically quoted the whole thing.

OHHH, then it did what you saw before:

" system just now — Automatically removed quote of whole previous post."

It did not do that yesterday.

Only if the quoted post is the most recent post.

I am still wondering if we can get rid of this auto-elimination thingy.

me, too

I haven’t found that, yet

oh, this bubble!!

thank you!

This is my attempt to multi-quote…

Leave off the last character of the quoted post and it will work.

testing (I see we now have a FIVE character limit instead of twenty)

Manual quote:

Manual nested quote:

…which as you can see, is highly relevant here[/quote]

^^^ Yeah what they said.

Manual quote:

Semi-Manual, Semi-button-powered nested quote:

[QUOTE]…and then someone quoted someone else, who said

Important stuff!
…which as you can see, is highly relevant here[/quote]

^^^ Yeah what they said.

Make sure the quote tag is on its own line.

So, nested quotes:

Outside of the quote boxes down here

This is my attempt at a multiquote.

Eureka! It works!

It’s like poetry!