Are clams really happy???

Only at high tide. Or so I hear.

Bald clam.

Razor clams!! I dig them every season on the Pacific near my home. They seem to like where they are at on the beach because they try to get away, dig as fast as they can. Plant their foot and hold on when you try to pull them up. So they must be happy.

We get to keep 15 each day of the season. I still have about a dozen limits in the freezer.

Of course those clams aren’t really happy anymore, they are just ‘chillin’.

Of course clams are happy. As anyone who walks a beach will know, as you walk above a clam, the vibration causes it to squirt. Google for images on “squirt”, take the safe filter off, and you will see a lot of happy clams.

Since I don’t like eating clams, the clams I don’t eat are presumably happy.

The geoduck’s pretty happy, at the expense of the other clams in the locker room.


All of the clams I know are happy.

For the record, if anyone I knew became a clam, I’d love them * more*.

The wise molluscs discern between realistic contentment and the foolish pursuit of happiness. As in staying in bed versus seeking reckless adventure with questionable company.

As a midwest girl without access to oceans will sunfish love do?

I don’t know if clams could be described as being happy, but I know they’re never crabby.

I dunno. Are the haps really clammy?

What’s the haps?

Not much. What’s the haps with you?

But does a geoduck’s quack echo?

Yeah, the happiest clams are the most responsible ones.

For the record, I am officially bookmarking this thread.

But what if the giant clam snaps shut suddenly? :eek:

The geoduck is the Chuck Norris of clams. the laws of physics will not reflect its sound waves for fear of pissing it off.

Not only are clams happy for the most part, CLAMS GOT LEGS!!!

I doubt most “clams” are truly happy, even is they are clears. I mean, what with having to pay through the nose (those clams have noses), and then the auditing and all that weird shit…

Of course clams are happy. Has anyone met a clam that was not happy? I thought not.

Having been a professional clammer on the coast of North Carolina (by the way, this is socially the lowest peg on the social scale), I can tell you:

But before I go into that . . . at that time (early eighties) I only got .05 for the large ones and .10 for the ones smaller than about a quarter. They were more tender I think is the reason that they paid more.

People can tell that you are a clammer (and thus the lowest peg) just by walking past you because you smell like mud.

So to answer your question . . . they were happier than me.