Are computer-generated movies cheaper nowadays than regular live-action filming?

Something I noticed on a flight a fews days ago:

Instead of the routine safety ballet by the cabin staff, we were shown a short movie with the same content on overhead LC screens.

Instead of filming actors going through the motions of looking at instructions, using emergency oxygen, etc., the movie was computer-generated (pretty crudely so.)

Now, the whole thing could have been filmed a relytively low cost (I imagine) with competent no-name actors in an actual plane. No special effects involved (well they’d have needed to trigger and then restow the oxygen masks).

So, is cheap computer-generated movie making less expensive than cheap live-action movie making nowadays, or are there other factors in play?

I suspect that it is becoming cheap enough to make a CGI movie these days, although probably still not as cheap as live actors. But such movies do have some advantages:

1.) You can make it extremely clear and emphaqsize what you want – no ambiguity, no tough camera angles, nothing moving too fast. THIS is how you pull down and use the oxygen mask. THIS is how you open the cabin door in an emergency.

2.) The actors can be “generic” – no implied favoritism with races, nationalities or, if you do it right, even genders.

  1. if the safety instructions ever change, it’s going to be straightforward to add in a new sequence.