Are Doc Marten's cheaper in London?

I’m in the market for a new pair of Doc’s. I’ll be going to London on business in about 2 months, so I was wondering if it’s worth the wait. I can get a pair of the traditional 14 hole black Doc’s for around $100 here in Prague. Any Londoner’s know what they would cost there?


Good man Tom, excellent stuff - just not enough DM’s in the world !!

The price sounds about right to me and I won’t have time to gaze longingly through shoe shop windows until Monday. If no one else coughs up the info, I’ll check then and post it here.

14 hole, eh ? - sounds like a radical business.
London’s Burning with boredom NOW !
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na !!

Last time I bought 12-hole boots they were about £50, so it sounds more or less the same. That was a good couple of years ago, though. There are a lot of shops on Camden High Street near the markets that sell them, so you might be able to find a good deal there.

No, not IIRC. I wanted to buy some Docs in London too, and found they were cheaper in Canada where they are about $80 US. Since Canadians are conservative, the more “outrageous” designs are often available for $30… some of these are pretty cool.

I concur with the above. I’ve never found Docs to be any cheaper in London than in the States, even. Docs are
Docs are Docs are Docs, apparently.

Now, if you all could find me a discount Fluevog store, I’d feel better.

London can be a very expenxsive place to shop.

If you are going to other parts of the UK you’ll do much better.

There are shopping centres all over the place known, for some reason I don’t understand, as Freeports.
These seem to be the best places to go, especially if there are sales on.

DM’s have been sold as both functional work boots and a fashion accessory. I haven’t looked in long time but you used to be able to buy them much cheaper if you avoided the fashion stores - especially the Doc Martens store in Covent Garden. There used to be a shop just off Kilburn High Road that sold all sorts of styles for next to nothing, but I don’t know if it is still there.