Are elctric Blankets apt to shock or electrocute the user?

For winter, I want to get one to keep my lower legs and feet warm when I’m in the den - playing online poker, reading, watching TV, etc.Will an EB do the trick safely?

I’ve had electric blankets for years. As far as I can tell, you’d have to do so many weird and stupid things simultaneously - like cutting through the blanket with metal shears while taking a bath - before feeling a shock that only the Three Stooges would ever worry.

Now I’m sure there will be a dozen posts talking about death by blanket, but I’ll still use mine and not think twice about it.

AFAIR there have been a fair few deaths over the years due to fires caused to an electric blanket, but more modern models don’t go on fire.

Used them for years - blankets at night and throws during the evening watching TV - with no problems. I know people who won’t leave them on all night, but isn’t that the point? Anyway, I think I’d notice a fire that started ON TOP OF ME. No problems.

I’ve always wondered which is cheaper…heating my bedroom* with a baseboard heater, or totally turning that off and just using the electric blanket on my bed at night…

  • I live in a very small apartment

That does it. I’m ordering one today. Thank you. And my gratitude goes to all who responded.

Check 'em out at amazon.

You might sleep better and save a lot of money.

I discovered something a few years ago about electric blankets. **Do not mix the controllers!!! **My wife bought a new blanket to replace the 20 year old one we were using. Instead of using the new controller, I decided to used the old one. It plugged in just fine and worked great for about 3 months. One night I woke up to the smell of burning plastic and discovered the controller was melting and just about to catch fire. I unplugged it, the only damage was the controller and a burn mark on the headboard. Apparently the blankets had different wattage ratings, the new blanket caused the old controller to draw excessive current resulting in the meltdown.

A little off-topic, but this reminded me of something stupid I did a few years ago. You can’t mix transformers either…those “wallwart” plugs that contain a transformer? I had an electronic (musical) keyboard and had lost the transformer plug for it. I had a bunch of transformer plugs from other appliances and tried to swap out. I got about 3 notes out before I smelled that burning plastic electrical fire smell. The voltage differences aren’t just an insignificant quibble! Luckily it was one of those $120 cheapie keyboards because it was pretty much ruined.

I used to use my electric blanket under me then I’d put a sheet then a regular blanket. Because I had a cat at the time and of course cats love the heat. But every once in awhile she’d kneed the blanket (like cats do) and I didn’t want her biting the electric blanket.

Anyway it worked great

It’s probably paranoia, but I always felt uncomfortable with one being on on top of me. They’re great for preheating the covers, though.

I personally prefer a heated mattress pad combined with a nice fluffy comforter in a duvet. Heat rises.

I don’t have one now but have used electric bedding for in excess of 10 years and have yet to be killed by a fire or electrocution. The best best BEST kind of electric blanket I ever had was an electric duvet, it was heaven… Unfortunately they don’t make them any more. :frowning:

How odd. I just realized that what Americans mean by “electric blanket” is completely different than what Britons mean by it.

In Britain, an electric blanket is what Americans call an electric mattress pad (which, IMHO, are a much better idea). I had no idea they made actual blankets like that.

No, heat goes in every direction based on the thermal conductivity of the materials.

I thought about getting one of the mattress pads, but don’t you feel the wires? I feel the wires in my blanket and I’d absolutely despise trying to sleep on them like that.

I always thought you weren’t supposed to sleep on top of one. Not sure what difference it makes.


You should see me when there’s a little wrinkle in the mattress pad under me. Or when, god forbid, Himself pulls the sheet out and my feet touch blanket. We have had screaming fights at 3 AM about that one.

I’d have dreams of being barbecued on a giant grill.

What’s the best way to clean an electric blanket? Can it go to the dry cleaner?