Electric blanket, where have YOU been al my life?

I got an electric blanket two weeks ago and I friggin’ LOVE it. No more cold feet. My husband wasn’t much use when it came to go to bed: he comes with a built-in furnace, but usually comes to bed a full hour later then I do.
But with my blanket, there’s no more of those twenty minutes when I actually want to fall asleep in my cold bed, but the bed and I both haven’t warmed up enough yet. So that used to be twenty pointless, shivering, waiting minutes to be deduced of my precious sleeping time.

But no more! I switch the blanket on, go brush my teeth and then… then I step into Warm Bed Heaven.

Also, my blanket has solved the problem of Thick Duvet vs Thin Duvet. My husband is always warm, and he wants a thin duvet to keep from becoming too hot. I was cold, so I wanted a thick duvet. We were on the verge to each get our bloody own duvet. Which would have made cuddling impossible, as we would have had to manouvre the cold, drafty open divide between the two duvets.

Now we have an electrical blanket, a thin two-person duvet, so my husband’s happy. We can lower the thermostat in our bedroom, so the thing pays for itself in reduced heating bills.
My husband has already joked that he is in more danger to be replaced by the blanket, then he ever was of being replaced by a vibrator. But last night, he admitted to sneakily warming up his feet on my blanket when he got into bed. :smiley:

I don’t care if electrical blankets are supposedly an old lady thing. I only wonder what got me so long to buy one for 60 dollars or so. I love it!

I’m totally with you - electric blankets rock big time. You can’t get them any more but the ultimate electric blanket I had was an electric duvet, it was like getting into a massive cuddle every night.

Whenever I saw an electric blanket, I was always reminded of The Brave Little Toaster. Now I am the proud owner of one that I can rightfully name Blanky. :slight_smile:

I love them, I just don’t have a working one anymore. :frowning:

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title!

Man, I still have nightmares about that air conditioner.

You mean like this? I bought one like that for my dad and it arrived two weeks ago. He wraps it around his shoulders and torso when he sits behind his computer in his un heated workshop. He loves it.

I lurves electric blankets. Believe it or not, they are even useful in Hawaii (during winter, anyway) - at least if you are as chronically cold as I am. On the rare occasions when I get to go home to my house there during December or January, I always use one.

Even I don’t need extra warmth here in Indonesia, but it actually gets quite cold in Egypt, where I lived until about a year ago. Thus began my quest to find a 220-volt electric blanket, an elusive thing indeed. I never did manage to find one that I could arrange to have shipped to anywhere where I could pick it up and bring it back to Cairo. :frowning:

Cairo Carol, If I could be of assistance in getting you a 220 volts blanket, just e-mail me. 220 volts is the standard here in the Netherlands as well.

I don’t have an electric blanket, and generally I don’t need one. However, I do have a heating pad and a couple of hot water bottles. When it gets cold around here, I’ll use one or more of them to warm up my bed, right where my feet go. I’m usually warm enough in the house, except for my feet, because my husband tends to keep it warmer here than I really want it. But I’ve lain awake in bed, shivering because my feet are frozen, more than once.

I LOVE my heating pad and hot water bottles.

And why do guys never seem to have problems with frozen feet?

That’s very kind of you. Fortunately I’m probably okay for the next 7 years or so, since that’s how long we hope to stay in Indonesia, and Hawaii is 110 volts so I’m okay there.

But what a nice example of Doper helpfulness. :slight_smile: And if unexpected things happen and we move to Mongolia or something, I’ll be in touch.

No, what I had was a typical duvet/eiderdown that got warm. Used it on my bed, loved it.

You know what’s even more awesomer than an electric blanket? An electric mattress pad Turn it on, go brush your teeth, come back to a comfy warm bed. The queen and king-sized versions even come with two separate heat controls so partners can adjust their own side of the bed.

I did the blanket thing for about a year but mine sucked and I got tired of having to mind the cord all the time. The mattress pad is so much more convenient for me.

Oooooh I wish I could go back to bed now…

I love my electric mattress pad, and I now have an electric throw for the couch. The cord is annoying, but it’s worth it when you stay as cold as I do.

Just what I was going to say. The electric mattress pad rocks!

Damn you, ZipperJJ! You stole my response. Yes, you who think that an electric blanket is all that, you gotta get you one of these. You’ll never go back.

If I had an electric mattress pad, I’d never get the cats off the bed. :smiley:

I totally agree. Makes the bed all nice and toasty. Hard to get motivated to get out of it in the morning. :smiley:

Well, if/when we do, we just don’t complain about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one for Christmas. Its wonderful.

The kids have electric blankets - mostly because when I got the electric mattress pad I figured I’d turn the heat down - and the electric blankets were easily available and cheaper. Plus the kids are much more likely to spend an afternoon under it on the couch - and while the mattress pad rocks - its much less portable.

Trust me, it depends on the guy. If I could wrap my SO’s feet in electric slippers for the 1/2 hour before he come to bed, I would.

I love my electric blanket. I still refer to it as the EBBS (emergency boyfriend backup system).