Are FIREFLIES Going Extinct?

No… I saw a few earlier today.

Not a single one to be seen here :frowning:

Usually there are a lot. There are definitely a lot of cicadas all over though. Those darn 17 year ones.


SEE?!? One just got me!

I’m in Tennessee too, and I still see them, but nowhere near as many as there were when I was a kid. It was a big summer thing to catch them and let them go in the house back then.
I also notice very few locust skins. My brother loved to freak me out with those things. He’d come after me with about twenty of them stuck to his shirt.
Last fall I was telling my daughter about this and she mentioned she’d never seen one. We went hunting for them but I never saw a one!

Never seen one in my life. Are they not hardy enough to survive in Saskatchewan?

We had a weird winter and spring here, so the fireflies are making a late, scanty showing here, too.

Also, it’s worth knowing that fireflies need leaf litter to breed in, so if you and all your neighbors are overenthusiastic about raking leaves and cleaning flowerbeds, then your neighborhood won’t have many fireflies.

They’re concerned about ongoing tension in the Middle East and decided to conserve energy.

Lots of them here. But they do seem to be in fewer numbers than in past years.

I got plenty in my backyard. I bought this house late last year, so I can’t say if it’s normal.

I just saw a couple of fireflies tonight, while i was outside getting cooled off.

I’ve always wondered where the lightning bugs lived. Now that you say they live in rotting wood it makes sense that there are less of them this year. The neightbors tore out an old stump and we replaced two walls of an addition that the termites had gotten into. I had noticed that the usually turn up when it is more humid. I miss them. there’re magical for the kids (and me too). Any ideas on how to ‘replant’ them?

There seem to be many more this year then I’ve seen in the last few years here.

There are still plenty in my neighborhood. They’re blinking out on the patio as I write this. :slight_smile:

Obviously someone hasn’t done a vanity search today:) Or he does the whole thing (RTFirefly).

[sub]Yeah, I did that on the off-chance.[/sub]