Are garlic smelling fingers a sign of something bigger?

OK, i have a problem, maybe you guys can help me out. For the past couple of months i have noticed a garlic smell whenever i brush my teeth. At first i thought it was just my imagination, but it didnt go away. So i smelled around and found that fingers smell faintly of garlic. So heres my question: is there some disease that makes this happen? could it just be an occupational hazard of working at a subway? if so, how does the smell stay even when im on vacation? please help me out here, im a little weirded out.

Do you cut garlic at Subway? Or do you think it’s from handling garlicky lunch meat?

All I know about garlic is that the odor does indeed cling to your fingers after you cut it. Rubbing your hands on stainless steel helps. Try that.

The only medical/garlic thing I can think of is that people with strep throat have garlic smelling breath.

Arsenic poisoning can give you garlic breath, though if that was the problem you’d probably have more disturbing symptoms too.

Are you taking selenium? See

The garlic smell is only on your fingers? And you don’t handle garlic regularly?

Then you’ve got something that will likely stump medical science.

Have been using any commercial solvents?

DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) is a widely used commercial solvent that can product a garlic smell from the body and breath of people exposed to it.

From this site:

Could be worse. Ever since I quit smoking and my sense of smell improved, my hands smell like peanut butter.

I have no peanut butter in the house. I haven’t eaten any in months. I have no grocery money until payday. (And I want some peanut butter and banana sandwiches!)

Garlic, now that I could explain…


Garlic smell is also a symptom of tellurum poisoning. Tellurium and the previously mentioned selenium are both heavy metals, and the only place you’re likely to get exposed to them is through industrial waste. Do you regularly ingest things that don’t come from normal distribution channels? (E.g. water from private wells, fish you caught yourself.) Other symptoms of heavy metal poisoning include headaches and vomiting, IIRC.

(I’m not a doctor though, I just happened to read the MSDS on tellurium since I work with cadmium telluride.)

Well, on the note of Garlic, you should perhaps have a specialist Doctor do some prostate checks.

However, that said and, especially after reading your comments regarding the almond “peanut butter” smell, I would suggest that you make an appointment with an expert Toxologist IMMEDIATELY!

  1. Mustard Gas smells like Garlic!
  2. The Almond smell is also related to poisoning, of which has been in popular use by Stassi (Soviets in Germany).

Both poisoning methods are still popular today, around the World.



It’s been ten years, you’re a little late with your advice.

The smell of garlic does not repel zombies.

If garlic is smelling your fingers, you need to burn it and bury the ashes in concrete, then dump it in the ocean. Once garlic develops a nose, there’s no telling what it’s going to do next.

Also, your relationships with female vampires may be short-lived.

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WTF? If your hands smell of peanuts, why would you be worried about some form of poisoning that smells of almonds (which I guess is cyanide)? Peanut butter does not even smell of almonds.

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