are hotels still available for the republican national convention?

am I too late? (Probably) does anyone have any idea how close (Or far) a hotel with a vacancy is?

Try or one of the other discount services to check for vacancies. However, I would still check the rates of those hotels on their websites - sometimes those “discount” sites are more expensive than the hotel’s website.

That being said, I’d be suprised if there were many rooms left.

List of offical hotels

The official hotels of the 2004 Republican National Convention are extending convention rates over the Come Early, Stay Late period so that you can turn your visit into a vacation. For more information, please call Travel Planners at 866-762-0043.

It’s being held at the Madison Square Garden so I can’t really see any problem in finding a place though maybe the ‘offical’ hotels are booked up already?

I seriously doubt you’ll find any vacancies right near Madison Square Garden. In fact, the closer to MSG, the less likely you are to find rooms. If you’re not familiar with NYC, MSG is located at 7th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets.

The good thing about NYC is that it’s fairly easy to determine about how far away your hotel is from MSG since the streets are numbered (above the downtown area) and Manhattan is not that wide avenue-wise. Maximum convenience and safety would be between 23rd Street and 57th Street and between 2nd Avenue and 8th Avenue (which includes Lexington, Park, Madison and Avenue of the Americas).

Keep in mind that we have very good public transportation here. Even if you have to bed down in one of the outer boroughs, you’ll usually be less than half an hour away from the hub of activities.

Why are they having a convention? I thought Bush was their candidate?

Now, be nice. There’s not much they can do about that at this point, and it gives them a chance to network and figure out how to prevent it from happening next time!

Yeah, I know, but it’s an awful lot of money to decide, “Okay, let’s all vote for Bush.”

It’s an infomercial, as is the Democratic Convention. The purpose is to energize the base and get them revved up for the rest of the campaign. It has nothing to do with nominating a candidate except in a technical sense.

The same reason the Democrats had a convention, even thought everyone has known for months Kerry was going to be the candidate.

Yeah, I think the last time the nominee wasn’t solidly known before the convention was the 1968 Democratic race. Going in, RFK looked like a likely winner, aside from being dead and all, and Eugene McCarthy, long characterized as a protest candidate in this race, was looking better as a consequence of still being among the living, whereas as far as I know Hubert Humphrey was scarcely even on the average Democratic voter’s radar screen.

In retrospect, they probably should’ve gone with the dead guy, although I suppose Wallace deserves some of the blame for how things turned out.

Well, I’m not the most politically-aware guy on the block, but I haven’t heard of anybody seriously trying to run against Bush. Does he have any opponents?

Well, there’s that Kerry fellow…

ouch! stop that!

Somebody’s gonna yell at you guys. :wink:

I wouldn’t really want to depend on public transportation, especially buses, during the convention (which is one of the reasons why I will be in Florida that week). NYC traffic is going to be a horror, even the highways from the outer boroughs. Traffic around MSG is going to be severely restricted and there has even been talk of shutting down the subway stations in the area which will probably adversely affect that system too.

Nice political pot shot.

I only recognize Tom Laughlin aka Billy Jack.

Will he still defend hippies?

I didn’t catch specifics, but one of the NYC news programs (or maybe The Today Show) were talking about how the hotels are not seeing this huge influx of people everyone was hoping for. They said that the last week of August in NYC is pretty “slow”, and they haven’t seen it being anything but slow this year, either.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: