Are iPods waterproof?

Probably a dumb question but i want to take mine swimming, is that possible?

From the iPod user’s manual:

So that’s a no.

You can get waterproof MP3 players though, for swimming.

Also, companies like H2O Audio make waterproof cases + headsets for iPods.

Or get a waterproof case for your iPod.

Note that it’s a truism that it’s not a matter of IF a waterproof case will leak, but WHEN. So if you’re going swimming with your iPod, buy a cheap shuffle, not a high-end video model.

the waterproof cases work very well

I bought two Otter Boxes and they were perfect and supremely reliable.

I swam nearly every day for a year with my H2O audio case and other than one side of the headphones conking out (those are replaceable anyway), it worked flawlessly. My iPod Mini is still in fine shape.

A year ago my buddy gave me a bottle of his home-brewed beer. It leaked a tiny little bit on my iPod, not even enough to make the rest of the car seat wet. I had to replace that sum-bitch.

I put my iPod Shuffle through the washer and then the dryer. It works mostly fine, but the battery is shot (I would guess from the heat)

Better yet: swim without one. Believe it or not, you don’t die if there’s no music in your ears at all times.

Oddly enough, you don’t die if you do, either. So, what’s your point?

You had to replace your buddy for spilling beer on your iPod? Condolances.

I agree with this truism, however IME leaking occurs due to a lack of proper care. A grain of sand on the gasket, and it leaks. I have a few otterboxes and they work fine, as long as you treat them well.

An ignorant’s question: Aren’t there any sounds worth listening while mine swimming? Is that something like scuba diving in a cave? I think I would like to hear the natural sounds at least the first couple of times (until I get bored of the hissing and bubbling)

Sugary drinks (like the beer that leaked onto your iPod, I presume) are pretty darn bad for electronics; the sugar doesn’t just short things out, it dries and gets all sticky and gummy in there, making it harder to clean out. I’ve heard that people with movement disorders often drink diet soda around computer keyboards and the like, because aspartame, at least, is nonconductive and doesn’t do as much damage.

Yeah, that’s why most people keep their iPods somewhere that beer isn’t like to be spilled on them, like in their cars.

Well, yeah, but a beach isn’t a clean room. You’d be hard-pressed to find a place where you’d be * more * likely to get sand on the gasket.

Hmm… maybe im being wooshed but i meant i would like to take my iPod when i go swimming, in the pool, at Ballys. Thanks everyone for the responses, ill check out those waterproof cases.