are matches in Go recorded

Are matches in the game Go recorded in any way, sort of like the way Chess is?

Yes there is a system for recording games, though I cannot recall it off the top of my head. Wikipedia has an entry up about games. Go and it touches on recorded games.

Man, that was fast responding. I hadn’t even reloaded the page! Thanks.

One side of the board is numbered 1-19 and the other is lettered a-whatever. Recorded games look something like this:
C4, D17, D6, etc.
(Black always goes first.)

Check out for much more info.

Thanks. So is it correct that there’s no computer program that can play Go effectively, as in beating a decent player?

drhess wrote

That’s a fair statement. Depends on your definition of decent of course. But in general, Go software is way behind software that plays other “serious” games, such as chess.

Here are a couple of links on competitions among go programs.