Are Medieval Times shows results always the same?

My daughter is going to a Medieval Times show tomorrow. I was told she should sit in the black and white section, because black and white always wins.

Is this true? Thanks.

Nope. Different knights win different times. In my days growing up in Buena Park, I saw the Blue Knight win, the Green Knight win, and the Red and Yellow Knight. Those were all different years though, so maybe they follow a set script for each season or a few months or something.

If the same knight won every time, the Midieval bookies would make a killing.

A different knight wins every night, I believe. I grew up in Orlando and saw the show 40+ times. I swear.

Thanks to out-of-town visitors I once attended Medieval times 3 times in one week. Apparently my family has an obsession with roasted chicken and faux jousting.

As noted, different knights win on different nights (I know, I know, bad pun). In my personal experience (approx. 1/2 dozen Medieval Times viewings), however, the most fun is to sit in the section of the EVIL night. In Toronto, that is always the Green Knight. So that’s the question I’d want the answer to, which is the evil knight?

I’d add, however, that Medieval Times hands out seating the way they want to, I’ve never tried to request a specific section, but I’ve also never seen or heard anyone else try to request a specific section. I don’t know if they’d even accomodate such a request on-site. Especially if your daughter is going with a substantial group, she’s very unlikely to have any choice in the matter.

Ahhh the green (or Newfie) Knight. I was in another section and cheered for him! I was so sad when he bought it!

By the way We called him the Newfie Knight because the night we went the guy playing him had a certain “I’se the bye” look to him that screamed Newfie. (My parents are from the Rock so I know one to see one)