Do Medieval Times shows always have the same outcome?

My daughter is going to a Medieval Times show tomorrow with some friends. I was told she should sit in the black and white section, because black and white always wins.

Is this true?

Survey says! ::braaaap::

Sorry, CBCD, While it would seem that it’s a rigged contest (because it is), they actually rotate the winner. This way people like me who go when they get the extra $50 for dinner and a show will know it’s gonna be up in the air as to who wins.

Now, If you were to say, go the the same Medieval Times show five nights a week, you’d probably know where to sit to root for the winner. I’m not sure of their cycle for the rotating winner thingie deal-a-ma-bob.

Thanks - it was my know-it-all 16 year old who told me the winner is always black & white - I thought he was wrong, I just needed ‘outside counsel’ to help discredit his theory!