Are Merkins Still In Use?

For those of you who don’t know, a merkin is a thong-like garment that is meant to cover a woman’s nether regions. It is covered in hair, and is meant to be worn to simulate the natural bush (the real hair having been shaved off).
These were popular in the Middle Ages, when personal hygeine dictated a closely-shaven cooter. Are they in use today? Victoria’s Secret doesn’t seem to stock em…a polite salesgirl nearly doubled over in laughter when an inquiry (about merkins) was made to her! :smack:

I recently spotted a couple of articles about merkin making being popular due to the rise in “Brazilians”. This was all I could find at the moment. I’ll try to hunt down the one I saw only days ago. It was very colourful.

They are occasionally used in films, when an actor needs to appear fully naked but wants a touch of privacy. Used for men and women, especially for shots from behind ( you see their ass, the crew doesn’t see the full monty), and obviously doesn’t require shaving beforehand. =)

don’t ask: This was all I could find at the moment.

A jaw-dropper!

:eek: Ouch.

This must be rubbish. They would certainly do the full front/sides/undercarriage at any salon that catered to Arab/Pakistani ladies. Of which the UK has a healthy sized resident population.