Are muslim leaders cowards, loyal, or just ignored in the media?

I recently did some googling and I am having a real hard time trying to find examples of where prominent Muslim leaders admonish or decry the actions of other Muslims. With the exception of 9/11 examples of Muslims condeming other Muslims is far and few between.

With the recent bombing of the IRC in Iraq I have yet to find any promiment Muslim leader issuing any statements or fatwah’s(sp?) against these actions. This leads me to wonder if Muslim leaders are cowards. Are they just simply afraid of what could happen to them if they speak out? Is it out of loyalty they remain silent? Is a bad Muslim still better than a non-Muslim? Or is it possible they are speaking out but the mainstream media just ignores them??

I am really curious on this issue. I always hear how we shouldnt judge all Muslims by what a few bad seeds do, but I dont see many examples of “good” Muslims condeming these same actions.

From what I’ve seen, ME leaders don’t get much press coverage in English speaking ‘press.’

There have been Clerics calling for colaboration with the invading forces… there were some that condemn terrorism too.

We can flip the issue too… how many public american figures have openly gone against the war in the beggining ? Actors basically only… any protestant clerics went against ? Were they given airtime ?

Agreed. But my main example was the blowing up of the IRC…how can something like that not be condemed? I would think any Muslim leader with a heart would want to stand up and let everyone know they hate such actions and call for Muslims to find and stop anyone who would do such a thing! If it was Americans blowing up a mosque, I doubt a normal paper would be able to hold all the statements being made by Muslim leaders calling for the death of America. But Muslims killing other Muslims goes unnoticed?

I would think that most of those public figures that did not protest the war were actually for the war. So Rashak, are you saying that the reason most muslim leaders do not speak out against such attrocities is none of the above per the OP’s question. And the answer is they agree with such cowatrdly and dispicable actions?

Wow Rashak. Even I have a better opinion of Mullahs(sp) than that

Muslim leader supporting 9/11 = News
Muslim leader condemning 9/11 = No News

Man bites dog etc.

Why is such a condemnation necessary? It wasn’t done by Islamic Jihad or any clearly Muslim group, as far as we know. The most likely answer is that it was done by a bunch of Saddam loyalists, who happen to be Arabs, and may or may not be Muslims.

In other words, it doesn’t appear to be a religiously motivated attack, and therefore would demand no special condemnation from religious leaders of any stripe.

Anyone have access to Al Jazeera broadcasts and how that bombing was covered both in news and news commentary? I went onto their English language web site, and while one can find some pretty inflamatory anti-American rhetoric, I wasn’t able to find any condmnation of the Red Crescent bombing.

Saen, even I can see that you just twisted the shit out of his words.

It’s like the Archbishop of Canterbury being asked to explain the actions of Timothy McVeigh.

oh really? Care to straighten the shit back? Or are you only here for the accusatory remarks?

The only way I can see it is he is comparing the war with the terrorists actions. He is, as he has been since he has been here, calling the war one big terrorist action. And then he says that the leaders have not condemn the war for apparently the same reason the islamic leaders are not condemning the terrorist actions. I gave the answer. They approved.

He did leave it a bit ambiguous, I agree. That is why i framed my answer in a question so that he could correct me if I "twisted the shit out of his words. Not so some lame duck can come in with a disaproving remark and waddle off. So you tell me your insight, oh wise one, that seemed so frickin obvious to “even you”.

Or Jerry Falwell criticizing Ellen DeGeneres? Or that Saudi Arabian Immam who got Barbie Dolls banned?

Religious leaders seldom hesitate to butt in when it goes alng with their agenda.

The again, surely there are religious/pro-life leaders who have condemend the slaying of abortion clinic doctors.

The point I was attempting to make is that for every extremist , there are far more ‘live and let live’ people…
I would hope there are religious leaders who condemn the murder of abortion clinic doctors.
I’m not quite sure what point you are trying to make…

JohnMace thinks that Al Jazeera is a government or an Imam or whatever he thinks should “apologize”.

Others think that every single Muslim should “apologize” for what supposedly other Muslims do in Iraq.

May I ask you how you come to this strange reasoning and expectation (I should write "demand, isn’t it)?
Salaam. A

Don’t miscaracterize my statements. The OP asked why there are no (or very few) muslim leaders (religious or political) speaking against the attack on the Red Crescent. A good place to look for that would be in Al Jazeera. Why don’t you use your alleged mastery of the Arabic language to aid in the debate instead of taking swipes at other posters.:rolleyes:

JohnMace thinks that Al Jazeera is a government or an Imam or whatever he thinks should “apologize”.
He also thinks that when AlJazeera brings a report of the fact without gloryfying the invaders of Iraq, they bring "inflammatory anti US rethoric instead of the report on the situation.

Others think that every single Muslim should “apologize” for what supposedly other Muslims do in Iraq.

May I ask you how you come to this strange reasoning and expectation (I should write "demand, isn’t it)?
Did you count how many public condemnations of other nations, other religions/clerics were published on this?

What happens in Iraq is the result of the invasion and occupation of that country under the instigation and the lead and at the order of the president and government of the USA.

When are we going to see and hear apologies for this?
Salaam. A

The fact is, there’s a lot of despicable stuff that goes on in the world every day. We can’t comment, for or against, on everything that goes on.

I think a lot of muslim clerical leaders have expressed dismay over the continuing violence in Iraq … the difference is that, instead of continually condemning the terrorists, they’re condemning the US military for failing to keep order in postwar Iraq.

I suppose because while I see plenty of people telling us not to judge Muslims on these acts, I dont see the same Muslims actually decrying these act. Im not “demanding” anything. I just dont understand why it seems Muslim leaders are letting a few bad people ruin perceptions of their chosen religon.


Tell me why on earth any religious leader or any government would make a direct comment about such attacks?

And try to answer my question about how many of such reactions on this particular event you have seen or heard coming from non-Muslim nations?

And try to answer my question about why you “demand” such recation from Muslim nations/religious scholars?

Answer this:

What has the situation in Iraq to do with religion? And with other nations, Islamic or not, that there leaders should jump high to lick the feet of the invaders by giving public statements about this?

That the Red Cross came under attack is a scandal.
Yet you ignore who has the responsibility for this ongoing bloodshed and try to divert the attention to where it is not to be found.
Salaam. A


I haven’t weighed in one way or another in reference to the OP. All I said was if I were looking for comments from Muslim or Arab leaders about a certain event, I’d look in Al Jazeera. Where would you look?