No-one's commenting on the murder of 12 Nepali?

I will. Fuck those militant muslims.

Murdering a dozen poor sods who came to Iraq to better themselves is just another thing to do, huh.

I’m sure Aldebaran, tomndebb, etc. will rush over and say: “This is NOT the muslim way. It is an incident”

Yeah. Whatever. Like the numerous ‘incidents’ we’ve had, the last couple of days, huh.:

Murders at a Russian shool
Murders at a Russian metro station
Murders at Russian airplanes
Murders in Israel
Murder of an Italian hostage
and - the pinnacle of stupidity: the kidnapping two *French * journalists.

Before above mentioned posters get in the rut again by saying I have it in for the muslims…: You’re right.
I’ve had enough.

This is NOT the way to get ‘respect’ - or even understanding - for your kind of belief.
This is the way people from a once tolerant country will react. That’s right:

You’re making us losing our tolerance, so FUCK you for that, too.

As I said in another thread. Fuck the church, fuck islam and most of all: Fuck me, for losing my dignity and showing up here. :frowning:

Gum, don’t you know this board is dedicated to pointing out American atrocities? Anyway, if it wasn’t for America’s meddling in world affairs, the poor, downtrodden Muslims wouldn’t be forced to take these tragic, but albeit necessary, actions.

tongue in cheek post, in case someone takes my last sentence seriously

Truthfully, I kind of expected them to be saved. Because, uhm. You don’t mess with the Ghurkas. I think this may have been a big mistake.

Liberal’s not condeming it…


There could be more reason than meets the eye.

Terrorists recruit best from those who feel frightened and opressed.

One way to ensure that a population is repressed or feels repressed is to provoke your enemy into extreme reactions, such as internments, torture, invasion, military action along with collateral damage, its all too simple then as a propagandist to portray just one side of the story to a bewildered populace.

How to provoke your enemy ? carry out reprehensible acts against innocents.
Killing just one Nepali would not have cut it as far as the large news organisations are concerned, as it is killing twelve seems to have generated a relatively small amount of coverage.

Now if it had been perhaps just one American…, well, it seems that in death, some nationalities are more equal than others.

Surely the murder of innocent people is prohibited the the Koran? The silence is deafening…of course, these Nepalese were assisting the evil crusaders…

I have yet to see any mass Muslim demonstrations against the terrorists who are supposedly hijacking their “religion of peace”. However, have a few of those terrorists crash airplanes into buildings full of American civilians, or have an American corpse they can parade about and defile, and the masses seem to come out in droves. Makes you think.

Fuck you, is right. Every person who says “fuck islam” in response to these nutjobs is playing right into their hands. Extremist nutjobs want to see the world only in stark “the righteous vs. the infidel” terms. Every person who equates Muslims with terrorists as a result of their actions is complicit in helping the world move a little closer to that vision.

You speak as if they’re forcing you to see only in black and white. You do have free will, you know. You don’t have to equate these freak’s actions with the religion of a billion people.

For Heaven’s sake people! Don’t you get it? It’s only evil when it’s done by Americans or Israeli’s :rolleyes:. Get with the program!

How dare you cast aspersions on Islam, Religion of Peace[sup]tm[/sup]

Yeah! And fuck those hateful, ignorant Catholics too, for torturing anyone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs!

Oh wait, I seem to be a few centuries late. :smack:

By this logic, every Christian who didn’t demonstrate against the Iraq war doesn’t believe in “Thou shalt not kill”. Any Christian who doesn’t start a thread on a message board whenever any other Christian anywhere commits a murder implicitly supports murder.

Stop being such fucking idiots. Muslims kill people. Christians kill people. Both religions try to keep people from acting like animals, and both succeed about equally well, which is to say not very well at all.

A sizeable number of Christians and Christian leaders demonstrated against the Iraq war. A huge number of them protested and condemned it. I don’t see Muslims protesting the terrorists. At least not to the extent where it is at all visible. I think that is a bit of a difference.

Also, the Iraq war did result in the removal of a brutal, sadistic dictator and his sick, animalistic sons, right?. No matter what you think about the rest of it, that’s a good thing, right?

Would you dream of judging all of Christianity, by the actions of the likes of David Koresh or any number of other twisted fringe dwelling organisations.

Of course not.

Surely you know the solution to conflict is not to polarize the sides but to find common ground.

I have visited Nepal twice and my heart breaks to hear this news.

In Nepal, Tibetan Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism have shared the same space for centuries. When you walk through the streets of Kathmandu, there are religious shrines of such profusion and diversity as to make your head spin. Shiva statues side by each with prayer wheels. And the citizenry affords each respect no matter which team they play for. It proves that multiculturism might be a new word but it has, in places, existed for centuries.

I believe that each of those groups will largely see this act clearly for what it truly is the act of a millitant fringe group. They’ve lived peacefully with each other long enough to understand getting the community lathered up about it will not likely lead to harmony.

Kathmandu is a wonderous and enchanting place, magic truly. (Sometimes I’m there in my dreams!)


A sizeable number of Muslims go around saying that they believe in peace and that their religion forbids murdering people. They follow this up by not murdering people. And yet, whenever extremist nutballs kill people, idiots here and elsewhere roll their eyes and say “some religion of peace”!

The absence of active protest is not the same as complicity. Must every Christian take to the streets every time an Iraqi citizen is accidentally killed? (If so, they’re already ten thousand protests behind schedule.) If they don’t, does this mean murder is not really prohibited by the Bible?

When a good deed is accomplished in an incredibly evil way, then no, it’s not a good thing. Killing serial killers is a good thing. Killing serial killers by napalming three New York city blocks, resulting in the deaths of ten thousand civilians and a thousand police officers is not a good thing.

As stated before, multitudes of Christians protested, demonstrated, and spoke out against the Iraq war. Muslims have yet to stage any demonstrations against terrorists. At least not to the extent that I have noticed it. (I add that comment because there is sure to be a Doper who will link to a few thousand protesting against terrorism somewhere).

And yes, a lot of times silence is complicity. You have heard the term “deafening silence” before, I am sure. It can speak volumes.

And no, I don’t expect Muslims to demonstrate in droves every time some terrorist jack off kills someone. But it would be nice to see demonstrations protesting their actions as a whole.

I’m no longer an advocate of the war because it was fought, and is being fought, under false pretenses. However, I think your analogy is a bit faulty. A better analogy would be a serial killer who was responsible for millions of deaths and countless acts of terror and would have no qualms about killing and torturing millions more if it suited him. And don’t fool yourself, short of sending in an assassin, the war was the only way to remove him. Sanctions and the like mean nothing to psychopaths like Saddam.

Unfortunatly, we live in the “Hollywood Blockbuster” era. Cutting off a dude’s head is so last month! Gotta come up with something new if you want us to watch.


What Giraffe said. After every one of these incidents, someone’s gauranteed to come out of the woodwork, saying “Aha! See, my innate bigotry have been proven correct! And why the hell aren’t the rest of you joining me?”

Sorry, kiddees, but please start the Muslim-burning party without me. If y’all are too fucking stupid to figure out that these acts do not necessarily represent the preferences of over a billion people, then nothing I say will make a difference, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna join the hatefest.

Do you suppose it’s possible that you haven’t seen any protests by Muslims against terrorism because the American media isn’t covering such protests?

Are you in communication with all the Muslims imams and ayatollahs, so you know for sure that they aren’t denouncing any terrorism?

Over a billion of them, but yet no major outcries from any significant number of them regarding what terrorists are doing in the name of their religion.

Find me any legitimate news story that details demonstrations by Muslims against terrorism that approaches anywhere near the level of the demonstrations against the Iraq war, and I will reevaluate my view on this.

People don’t demonstrate against things they can’t influence. When was the last time you demonstrated against robbery? Or cancer? Have you demonstrated against the innocent civilians killed in Iraq? If not, why not?

The Christians who demonstrated against the war in Iraq were citizens who have always lived in a democracy trying to stop their government from doing something they disagreed with. Let’s not forget the different circumstances. As Americans, we live in inconceivable freedom, luxury and safety compared with the average Iraqi. It’s easy to sit here and demand that Iraqis demonstrate against terrorism so U.S. civilians will feel bad about bombing them, but it’s not really reasonable considering the more pressing concerns facing most Iraqis these days. (You know, all the death and destruction all around them.)

Saddam wasn’t responsible for millions of deaths. Once we stopped giving him aid and had him under sanctions, Saddam was responsible for hundreds or maybe thousands of deaths over a decade. Far less than have resulted from this war.

This is pretty off-topic, though. Let’s start another thread if you want to talk about the need/desirability of invading countries which kill their civilians, and why we only did this in Iraq and not, e.g. Indonesia or Chile or other places where ten times as many people were being killed with weapons we provided.