I woke up woke 9-11 (my brother’s birthday) feeling a little bad about the dream I just had, but not so bad that me and my shrink couldn’t work it out. But as I flipped towards Cartoon Network I found the VISIONS.

Visions of all the death and destruction. I won’t trouble you with the details (they seem to be running 24 hours a day). But after a day of it I was numb. And I wanted blood.

Please realize this:

The vast majority of Muslims applaud what happened. Ask them and they’ll say they don’t, but its the same kind of denial that Christians use to disdain the killing of abortion doctors. “I would never do it”. “But then again I don’t cry”. There is an incredible tacit agreement by all Muslims regarding the recent events.

There is NO psuedo-psycho play going on. This is not a situation where a few are trying to use fear to move the majority. These people are PISSED. About the US (and other countries) giving money to Israel so that it can survive. They hate that. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. What is so hard to beleive about it? And, I’m sorry, but if 50 years ago someone I didn’t know took away my land and my home I’d be pretty pissed, too. Thanks Great Britain! Your colonization of the world has caused so many horrors, why not top it off with the creation of a country that ensures the rest of the world will die for your arrogance.

Islam is, and will never be, a voice of freedom. Recently, I saw a film where a woman was shot in the head, in front of thousands of cheering Muslims, for adultry. And that was only one of many public executions for that day. And the crowd cheered. A reporter asked a Taliban official how they could use a soccer stadium for this kind of atrocity and his response? “Give us more money to build a proper execution site.” It is clear that people who follow Islam are barbarians (or at least tacit barbarians, per above).

It would be nice to think that maybe they’re just killing their own people or simply wanted to control the land they already hold. But if you read Jane’s Defense you find that they are driven to make as many countries as possible an Islamic state. And this the real danger. While we go after OBL in Afganistan, Nigeria will fall. As well as Malaysia, and other countries.

And while these countries fall, we have a bunch of people who think violence is not the answer. Well, I got news for you: WAR SOLVES EVERYTHING. IT ALWAYS HAS. MOST GREAT INVENTIONS ARE DERIVED FROM WAR! VIOLENCE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!. As far as I am concerned a “passifist” is just another word for a spoiled, spongey, piece of shit liberal that, not only will be killed during any kind of conflict, but will watch so many other delusioned friends perish before them. You should die with the rest of them!
i’m so angry. i don’t feel bad for wanting blood. and lots of it. but i also feel so powerless. god damn fuckers! how should i feel? the buildings and the people. i wish more than anything that i could understand why they would do this, what they think they are fighting for, but i can’t. but i do understand vengence, as do they. and they would expect as such unless their belief that we have no real stomach or soul is true. anything less than apocolyptic retaliation will only confirm our cowardice. we must eradicate not only the mad men but everything they hold dear; whether that be buildings, men, women, or children. they have declared war on us and our men, women, and children and unless we declare war on them and their men, women and children we will lose. we are not lowering ourselves to their babaric level by doing this; the human race is barbarian by nature. we will, in fact, be raising the level of humasnity. To exact justice on those responsible, to free those opressed by their rule, to free the world from their terror.

JamesCarroll wrote

Those are some pretty distasteful words. To say the least.

(Anti-Muslim rant snipped- if he hasn’t figured it out yet from all the other threads on this board, he won’t listen to anything I have to say about it. 400+ posts and he’s still a troll? Hmmm…)

Yes, that’s why India is still a British colony and Blacks are still living under Jim Crow, while the Palestinians have a homeland. Because VIOLENCE IS THE ANSWER! Too bad the Indians and Blacks turned to spoiled, spongey, piece of shit liberal “passifists.”

Frankly, I think Bin Laden knew that Pakistan was a natural foothold for US to try to invade Afghanistan, and is hoping that a brutal US bombing raid on Afghan civilians will give Islamic radicals in Pakistan the upper hand, so that they can take over the government. Nothing like the thought of Al-Qaeda with nukes, is there?

At that point the next logical step, of course, is to nuke Manhattan or Tel Aviv. Bin Laden is probably betting that when public opinion from thoughtful citizens such as yourself prompts the President to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent Muslims with nuclear retaliation, a hell of a lot of Muslims around the world (and non-Muslims too, for that matter) are going to think that maybe all that radical talk about the US being the “Great Satan” wasn’t so crazy after all. What better way to swing support towards radical Islamic revolution in several countries across the globe at once?

I imagine Bin Laden has never seen “Seven,” but the basic idea is the same. For that matter, altogether too few Americans have read The Prince.


Well at least you are equal-opportunity in your hatred :rolleyes: .

This is normally where I’d spend some time trying to be reasonable - Expressing sympathy for your shock and outrage, but cautioning against letting your angst lead you into the morass of mindless bigotry. But frankly it’s late and I suspect you’re fucked up beyond repair, so I’m not going to bother.

  • Tamerlane

Piss off, James.

The vast majority of muslims do not cheer what happened. The vast majority of christians do cheer abortion clinic bombings.
They arent pissed at us because of Israel, they are pissed at us for a whole bunch of reasons.
In short, you dont know what you are talking about, and therefore you are part of the problem. People who let thier emotions get away from them, and run at the mouth only make things worse. I’m pissed too, but I have enough sense to know that bashing everyones religious beliefs and making broad sweeping generalizations about people I don’t understand is not gonna solve anything. There are a multitude of threads on this board that explain the Israel situation pretty clearly. There are a large number of post that explain why Bin Laden hates us so much. Israel is just a small part of it.
Look in this thread, especially Same Stone’s post. Take notes. What the Taliban is spewing forth, and what Islam teaches are two totally differant things. What the Bible teaches and what haters like fred phelps, and people who blow up abortion clinics teach are totally differant.

bdgr: Psst! I think you meant to say - “The vast majority of Christians do NOT cheer abortion clinic bombings.” :wink:

  • Tamerlane
  1. I sense you have some issues with your brother. Or your shrink. Or your dosage.
  2. You can’t spell.
  3. You are incoherent with rage. My guess is that other times you are incoherent without rage.

I too would have delivered an elaborate rant, refuting your spewed filth. However you are so clearly not capable of seeing anything beyond your twisted myopic vision of humanity that I’d rather not waste my time.

You are a disgrace to the Dopers, and to humanity. Sell your computer, buy a fountain pen, then trip on the tattered filthy feces-begrimed runner in the front hallway while carrying said fountain pen, fall down on it and impale yourself. Then die of sepsis from the feces that you got in the wound.


For the record, I oppose bombing the terrorists’ former homes in Patterson, New Jersey.

Do you?

Please be advised that this will be blatantly stolen at the next opportunity. Thank you.

Crap. Assuming that bin Laden has any affection for his family at all, there’s a condominium complex in Boston (where Osama’s brother still lives, though he’s currently out of country) that’s gonna get it as well. I think there’s also a Middle Eastern studies program at Harvard endowed by his brother.


Woefully misinformed statement.
For one thing, what seems to have pissed bin Laden off most was that (infidel) US troops were in Saudi Arabia to fight against Iraq.

You obviously know nothing about what you’re talking about. You know nothing about how many Moslems supported the actions of 9/11.

Most great inventions? What the fuck are you talking about? Again, you are incredibly uninformed about what the fuck you’re saying.


One of the things I have always thought was the worst part of the Muslim religion was the idea of “Jihad” or holy war. I am definately not intimately familiar with the texts of that religion (as I am with the Bible), so perhaps someone here can help me understand.

It has been explained to me (from a source I find to be less then expert) that the Muslim religion, in it’s purest form, does not seek to live in peace with non-muslims. In fact, they are taught that they must destroy all non-muslims, as oppose to live and let live. It is God’s will and their duty or some such thing. Is there any truth to this? Text that backs it up? It was said that there are sect’s that do not take this to mean destroy the U.S., but a literal interpretation must reach the conclusion of destroying the heathens. Any of this true?

DaLovin’ Dj

Methinks someone needs to read Ask the Muslim Guy in MPSIMS

Missed that one. Thanks for the tip. Will do.

DaLovin’ Dj

Love DJ, you are like the son I had, only met once and fondled his beetle beads. Check out this thread and learn about the Koran and all sortsa interesting things about Islam.
Mr. Carroll, you are like the boil I had that festered on my reasoning abilities. I think ignorant hatemongers are responsible for this attack. We should bomb your house and kill your children.

Your willingness to conflate radical Islamic fundamentalists with the decent and gentle mainstream Muslim community reeks of exactly the same vile malice we all witnessed in New York. It is like attempting to call soccer fans soccer hooligans. You instantly discount the validity of your words by doing so. Get a clue!
“Ignorant hatemongers…”, I like that Biggirl.

Does anyone else, after reading the OP, feel like you just ate ten pounds of chalk with bile and dogshit mixed in?

MY GOD, this is the kind of thing that makes me want to puke, to put down virtually an entire group of people for the sake of your own asshole like thinking. I am sure you represent about 2% of the population as a whole. Oh and I am sure that bin Ladin and his crew represent about the same amount (2%) of the Islamic peoples.

So, next time you decide to “represent” people you might consider doing a poll before attempting to spew such vile crap.

You are not a friend, you are not my foe but you don’t represent anything or anyone I personally know that would agree with your thinking.

Techchick - Yes, that’s exactly how I feel. This is obviously either a) a very fucked-up individual who represents a tiny fraction of idiots in America b) a troll.

I really don’t care. There’s no reasoning with this kind of ignoramus. He’s sick and sad and spreading all sorts of bullshit. I wish he and this thread would just go away.

I heard a professor of Islamic Studies (is ‘Islamic’ even a proper word?) talk about Jihad - he said there there is no such thing as Holy war - no war iiis Holy. here is only defensive war in Islam, with strict rules of compbat, limiting soldiers to only fighting soldiers. Non of this bullcrap about Jihad meaning you kill all ‘Infidels’.

Somehow he sounded more convincing than the radical bunch claiming that all Muslims are terrorists.