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FTR: In Islam, “infidels” actually does not include Jews or Christian (nor Buddhists and Hindus, IIRC), these being “People of the Book.”

Actually that’s probably incorrect. According to Bernard Lewis ( a respected historian and author of, among other works, The Political Language of Islam and The Muslim Discovery of Europe), the term ‘infidel’ ( kafir, plural = kuffar ) is the term of ultimate exclusion from the Islamic community. ALL non-Muslims are infidels by definition.

But you’re quite correct that Christians and Jews ( as well as Zoroastrians ) are considered “People of the Book” and have protected status as ahl al-dhimmah ( plural = dhimmi ), which roughly means “protected peoples”. To best of my knowledge, this status is NOT extended to Buddhists and Hindus, though there may have been some individual exceptions here and there. Perhaps someone like the Mughal Padishah, Akbar the Great ( r. 1556-1605 ) who was known for his religious tolerance and curiosity might have held views of that sort ( I’m really not sure ), but most Islamic jurists probably did not.

Which doesn’t mean that Islam automatically decreed their persecution, either. But they ( Buddhists and Hindus ) weren’t afforded that extra layer of protection that the ahl al-dhimmah had.

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Well then you can’t blame religion, especially as the two religions to which you referred both teach their followers to live in peace and harmony. In fact, it is people like you who make that impossible. I can just picture your counterpart in Afghanistan, beard wagging in the air, decrying the terrorist activities perpetrated by America and declaring that the whole country should be wiped out in order to purge the world of evil.

They were from New Jersey?

I was of the understanding that the terrorists mostly hailed from Third World nations where the infrastructure was mostly destroyed, poverty and crime were rampant, and bombing would simply add to the heaps of rubble.

Thanks for confirming I was right!

What a pussy Liberal! By saying that you are giving comfort to the enemy. As I have been saying all along, the only patriotic reaction to this is to bomb not just Patterson but the ENTIRE STATE of New Jersey as well as all of Florida and Canada and everyplace else that harbors terrorists right back to the Stone Age. Invading them would be easier, too, because the roads are pretty good. Yeah, it can get crowded on the New Jersey Turnpike, but a Honda Civic is a speed bump to an Abrahms tank. And screw the tolls! By the time the USofA is done with New Jersey it won’t have a government to collect the tolls!

That’s how a MAN would do it. The rest of you are wimps.