Are mustaches going to come back into style?

Watching old tapes of commercials and news briefs from the early 90s, I notice that mustaches are all over the place. Mustaches also seemed to be popular in the 50s, 60s, 70s (especially) and 80s. However, right now mustaches are very unpopular, among both the young and old.

For the younger generation, goatees are occasionally seen on rugged, outdoorsy guys and among the more edgy frat-guy types. Full beards - with or without mustaches - are regaining popularity with the indie rocker/hipster crowd. But mustaches, on their own, without beards, seem to be almost completely nonexistent.

So do they have any chance of making a comeback? Obviously, they most likely will at some point, since fashion always seems to go in cycles. But when? And with what style or scene are they first going to re-appear in?

I work with a lot of navy personal so I see the “just a mustache” look daily so it seems normal to me.

I am bringing back the full on Grisly Adams/Taliban type beard. Why? Because shaving sucks balls and it’s been 2 1/2 years and no one has bitched about it yet. Also the ladies seem to dig it. I’ve received many compliments at parties and such. Just over the weekend at the grocery store some lady in her 50’s (I’m 28) complimented my beard several times and suggested I should check out doing some RenFair role play. It turns out she is one of the people that helps to put the RenFair on here locally. I was flattered. We exchanged emails and she said she would email me next time around to see if I am interested.

I see some moustaches lately among the foppish set. But my boyfriend is one of them so I find myself inhabiting the same men’s consignment stores.

My husband occasionally insists on wearing a mustache. He looks like he walked straight off a 1970’s porn set. I cannot convince him that it’s not a good look.

I hope so…I’ve been wearing mine since 1975 (minus a 6 month break in 1991), and it would be nice to be stylish again.

I suppose I should care if I am in style or not, but I shaved mine once, and my daughter took one look and burst into tears.

“Put it back, Daddy! Put it back!”

So I did, and I’m keeping it.


Well at this very minute, one of these four people has just won a Chevy Silverado for having the best 'stache in LA, in JackFM’s March Moustache Madness.

So maybe there’ll be a new vogue for them.

A lot of the guys on my team at work have had “Mustache Mondays” from time to time. They grow 'em out, have them at work all day on Monday, and then shaved them off that night.

Except one guy who’s kept it the last several months. He’s a little on the creepy side, though.

As far as I’m concerned, they never went out of style. There are very few men who don’t look better with a 'stache, because it makes the eyes stand out. My Guy has one, and I made him promise to never shave it off.

God I hope not!!!

Nothing says “dork” like a mustache (unless you’re a gay man with a big “Village People/Backup singer dude from Frankie Goes to Hollywood” mustache)

My dad has always had a mustache (at times a full beard), with one short exception. Turns out the man has a small upper lip so he looks funny without it.

Which is weird, because people always look at old photos of my dad sans 'stache and think it’s my brother – who has an upper lip and no mustache.

When I shave my head I may try growing a pencil-thin mustache and an evil goatee.

me neither! count me among the ladies who prefer their menfaces baby-bottom smooth.

fortunately for me the divemaster isn’t interested in either (they can interfer with a good mask seal), and his chest is just hairy enough to keep my libido happy without the urge to start braiding. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Or not white)

Well, I’m not a huge fan of the BF’s stache, but he loves it, so you make these kinds of sacrifices. When we go out he waxes it. It’s kinda hard to watch him eat, say, ice cream, though.

Who cares about a mustache? I am waiting for mutton chops to come back into style.

Are there no hipsters in the mists of time?