Are my organs viable for donation?

The FDA and the Red Cross have determined that my blood is unfit to be used to save another person’s life, merely because of a loving and monogamous relationship with a member of my own gender. (That’s another issue, probably more suited to Great Debates, or the Pit.) I’m curious, is there the same restriction for organ donation?

I’ll be watching this thread, since my partner and I are in the same situation. The thing is . . . it says on our drivers licenses that we are both organ donors. I assume, if the time comes, our organs would be harvested without anybody asking about our sexual histories.

There is a case of HIV infection currently in the the news for a 2009 infection.
New York

There is a slightly older case from 2007 that toughened up organ donation procedures.
Chicago case and the results that went into effect Jan 10th, 2011

MSM (men who have sex with men) are not eligible to donate bone marrow.[1]

When I had my mother’s organs donated they did ask about sexual history. Not that I knew a whole lot about it. I don’t know if they asked about her being gay, but then again with her son sitting there they may have skipped those questions.

Lesbians (or “women who have sex with women”) aren’t disqualified from blood or bone marrow donations like gay men/MSM are. They wouldn’t have bothered asking if she’d ever had sex with another woman, but they might’ve asked if she’d has sex with a man who’d had sex with another man.


I know it sucks that the FDA and The Red Cross are passing up on a lot of good blood, and I know many people in the homosexual community are working hard to change things, but come on man, I doubt this is about who you choose to love.

It looks to me that the value of donated organs can necessitate better testing especially if the docs have the time, like in the case of a person who is a vegetable or a living doner .

I too am watching this thread with interest. Many people are ineligible to give blood for reasons other than sexual activity. For instance, I’m a virgin but I can’t give blood in the U.K., because I had a nasty disease in my youth. And because I lived through the BSE scare, many countries wouldn’t want my blood anyway.

Due to medications, I can’t donate either. (American BTW)

I was this way–I don’t know if I still am.

I was removed from the donor list once I was diagnosed with lymphoma. And had lots of poison pumped into my body to kill said lymphoma

For the record, it’s only the FDA making that rule. The Red Cross disagrees with it.

I don’t get that… Wouldn’t MSM-IDU be a subset of MSM? So including MSM-IDU shouldn’t account for any additional infections, since you’re already accounting for those folks in the MSM group.