Are Persian Carpets Woven With Jute?

I remember seeing some for sale…at the now-gone “Sharper Image”. They were very nice-I almost bought some. Jute is a very soft fiber-almost like silk. Anybody know if these carpets are still made?
The ones I remember seeing looked like standard Persian carpets.

[Judge Chamberlain Haller] Uh… did you say jutes?
I always thought of jute as a bit coarse and fibrous. I can imagine it being used as the backing weave, but the plush itself?

Then again, my experience with jute may be limited… a simple persian rug jute search on Google turns up scores of hits.

Many odd fibers can turn out to be quite lovely when processed properly. Jute can be coarse [think burlap] but many long fibre vegetable fibers can be very silky when processed in such a manner. Look at linen - the egyptians could spin and weave a linen fabric that a whole garment could purportedly be passed through a finger ring. Bamboo is currently popular, I have a t-shirt that is very similar to silk.

Hey, jute don’t make it bad
you take a coarse cloth, and make it better
remember, you’ll let it next to your skin
so you must begin
to make it better …

Naaaa, naa naaa na-na-na-naaaaa, na-na-na-naaaaaa, heyyy Jute…

Jute mostly comes from South to Southeast Asia. Bangladesh is the #1 exporter of jute; I’d look for carpets from there. I have a few rather nice jute carpets, which I bought there for about a tenth of what they might fetch in the States. (I also had a local to negotiate the price for me, which was probably the biggest help).