Are pooh bears real??

If Yogi was a grizzley then why didn’t he just rip off that annoying Ranger’s head and keep taking all the pick-a-nick baskets he wanted?
By the way, has anyone mentioned drop bears yet?

Extinct? That’s what the drop bears want you to think, until you walk carelessly under one of their trees :smiley:

I’d really like to see a 1920s Style Drop Bear.

Then of course there are poo bears, that do it in the woods (or they might be Catholics).

Apart from being a marsupial and carnivorous, the Thylacoleo is dissimilar in every particular to drop bears as I’ve heard them described.

That’s racist! :smiley:

No, since the American black bear is a species, it’s speciesist. :cool:

They’ve only been sighted once, forty-nine years ago, for a third of an hour.

A person could make a small bear out of poo.

I find them marvelously similar, notwithstanding the armor-plated buttocks.

The Drop Bear is clearly a species of Thylacoleo, although probably not carnifex.

Yes, the American black bear can have fur of many different colors, including blonde.

Considering that Yogi normally sleeps until noon, I suspect he is a Sloth Bear.

Your friend is what many people casually refer to as an imbecile.

Welcome to a better class of friends. :slight_smile:

Aren’t they shilling for Charmin nowadays?

Drop bears are dropped by flying swans. Wouldn’t be surprised if there there was a swan out there named Pooh the Swan.

Well, that way, if you call the swan and it doesn’t come over to you, you could always just act as if you were just saying “Pooh!” instead of trying to call him.

Great name/post combo.

I thought one of the signifying features of the drop bear was it’s similary to the koala. The Thylacoleo looks nothing like a koala.

This one looks more like a polar bear (metacafe video link.)

Geographical range would really exclude the sloth bear, being an Asiatic species.