Are pooh bears real??

already emailed this to Cecil, not knowing about the message board! Maybe you guys can help me too…

Is there such a species as a “pooh bear”? If not, what could possibly possess someone to believe they are real?? Is there a real bear with a similar name??

There is a fictional bear named Winnie the Pooh (Lots of flash and sound in link). Perhaps that answers your last two questions. The answer to your first question is no.

What makes you think anybody believes they are real?

my friend thinks that they are a real species and will not accept our insistence otherwise…

There was a real pooh bear, before it was bastardised by Disney.

If you’re referring to the stuffed bears sold in toy shops . . . well yes, they exist and are real, in the sense that they are actual matter.

And given that horrible American accent.

Isn’t Winnie the Pooh a Honey Bear?

Related question: can tigers actually bounce up and down on their tails?

Looks like Winnie the Pooh was named after a black bear named Winnipeg who was at the London Zoo from 1915 to 1934.

No, Tiggers can, but there’s only one.

Winnie says hi.

But he lives under the name of Sanders.

… and related to the more reclusive marmalade-sandwich-under-the-hat bear:

What is the species of bear that wanders around national parks wearing a hat and tie? It has a habit of stealing picnic baskets.

This is what happens when children stay home watching cartoons and never go to a woods for hikes. They grow up thinking cartoon characters are actual species.

Perhaps they are confused with the Australian Drop Bear.

He may be thinking of drop bears.
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Maybe he’s getting confused with drop bears - an antipodean species…?


Since Yogi is well skilled in bipedalism and is smarter than the average bear, it’s likely that he is a grizzly, since black bears have a smaller brain size and are less adept at walking upright.

*Thylacoleo carnifex * is an extinct species of marsupial carnivore that fits the description of a drop bear in every particular.