Are Popeye cartoons pornographic?

I was watching an old black and white Popeye cartoon and noticed that Olive Oyls pelvic thrusting, arm-waving, and crying for help looked oddly sexual in nature, and then noticed that Popeye, standing on the ground below, was also thrusting his pelvis vigorously and doing that thing with his arms like Beavis when he does that bizarre humping dance. The pelvic thrusting seemed to be perfectly in time, and I realized that if you kept the drawn characters doing the same animations but moved them next to each other it would look like they were having sex.

Then there was a scene with that big bearded sailor and the fat guy who eats hamburgers.

You need to get out more buddy :wink:

bluto (pluto?) and wimpy

ps betty boop WAS hot

Heh. I don’t know about Popeye, but the OP reminds me of one of my favorite books from my childhood- The Little Princess by Frances Hogson Burnett, written in the early 1900s.

Apparently at the time a common word describing a person spitting out words in a surprised manner was “ejaculate.” So there are unfortunately a lot of little girls ejaculating all the way through the book. It’s very distracting.

I would really prefer an updated version, myself.

I think I’ve seen the video version. You’re right.

Oh, you bad Badtz Maru!


I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that there are double entendres in Popeye cartoons, as well as others. Originally, Popeye was a comic strip aimed at adults.

I’d go you one further than that, Joe K! When I was about 10, I came across my dad’s secret drawer and it had been left open. I’d often wondered about the contents of this mysterious drawer with a lock on it–what could it hold. Well, there were a lot of comic books; most of Popeye and all pornographic. Let me tell you, I’d never realized Popeye was hung so well! Actually, at 10, I never realized anyone was so the whole experience was a real eyeopener for me in an icky kind of way. I could never watch Popeye cartoons on t.v. after that.

Both BB & early Popeye cartoons were from Fleischer studios (along with the first Superman cartoons), all of which still stand up as smart, sophisticated, and creative animation efforts that serve as refreshing contrast to the cutsie-poo Disney stuff of the period.

Fleischer & Warner Bros. = great
Disney & Hanna Barbera = crap

Those were (if you’ll pardon the expression) “Tijuana Bibles”. They were completely unauthorized works and were in no way actually produced by the creators of the real comics. Suing the printers of these was a practical impossibility since they were impossible to track down.

I would love to see some of those old Popeye pornos. My friend was telling me about some animated “flip-books” of Popeye pornography that his grandfather had. Sounds hilarious. Has anyone found them on the Internet?

I don’t know about the cartoons, but when I was in Myrtle Beach during bike week I saw one guys bike with Popeye getting it on with Olive Oyl painted on the sides. Quite grafic and very funny looking.

Tijuana Bibles! That’s the term I was trying to remember but couldn’t! Thanks, ftg.

You might try, which has a link to the Bob Adelman book (which I have, and there’s a few Popeye ones in there). Our friend Google might also turn up some additional material on the internet.


This one will be shortly

Badtz, what was the story line of that cartoon? I want to watch for it.

The only double entendre I remember from all of the Popeye cartoons I’ve seen was in a b&w one where he and Olive go to a gym run by a pumped-up woman. She flirts with him and he says “You got some nice equipment here”.

This thread reminds me of an old Richard Jeni joke. He knew he’d been cooped up too long when, while watching cartoons, he thought, “Ya know I never noticed it before, but Wilma Flintstone doesn’t have a bad body. I mean, she’s no Judy Jetson…”

Don’t start. :wink: