Are ppl born flat footed

or do they just develope "flat foots " cause i know ppl who claim be flat footed but frankly i hardly see differnce between my feet and theirs . How exactly do u identify a flat footer???

I’ve had flat feet for quite a while (at least 20 years or so, since I’ve had them in HS), and they suck.

It’s not hard to diagnose flat feet. My feet, if I’m standing barefoot, are completely and obviously flat. If I’m sitting or laying down, my feet look normal. In fact, my feet are so flat, I stand and walk on part of my ankles.

FYI, most flat-footers have insoles made that basically give their feet an arch.


I was born with flat feet. I have absolutely no arch to this day, and orthotics are too painful to wear. I just live each day knowing that I am 99% human, 1% whale flipper.

All about flat feet.

All infants’ feet are flat; as toddlers learn to walk, the arch develops.