Are Psychic Powers Diminished By Distance?

All the threads about exploring far away solar systems made me wonder-if psychic powers are real (psychokinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc.) are real, wouldn’t they be the optimum way to explore new planets?
Are these powers affected by distance?
Take famous psychics of the past-Madame Blavatsky claimed communication with extra-terrestrial beings-did anyone follow up on her research?

Yes. Nothing was ever replicated and psychic powers have never been proved to exist, in any form.

I wouldn’t go so far as to offer a blanket dismissal of psychic abilities, as there have been a few incidents that point out the possibilities of some form of psychic link. Mothers sensing their children are in danger from hundreds of miles away, at the exact time they are. Strange coincidences maybe. I don’t know. It would sure be a cost effective way to explore space if it were true.

Not really a GQ answer (or any answer, really), but this reminded me of a funny conversation I had with a Hermetic Magician who wanted to sleep with me as a work of Sex Magick:

Me: Sure. Got any condoms?
HM: I don’t use condoms. They interfere with the flow of tantric energy. I’m clean, though.
Me: What do you plan on doing with the energy we raise?
HM: I’m going to direct it to the astral plane and send it to heal the earthquake victims in [some foreign land].
Me: Really. So you’re telling me you can direct your energy thousands of miles away, but you can’t push it through 40 microns of latex?

I didn’t sleep with him.

No, psychic powers are not diminished by distance. Bullshit pseudoscience and crackpotism has no maximum range.


Yes, but it’s also true that they can’t travel faster than the speed of woo, usually represented by the Greek letter “wu”.

She did research? Reviewing her career, I don’t see much in the way of actual scientific investigation going on.

Since you are comparing a million events to another million events, looking for anything that “matches”, the chance of coincidences is 100%. Not strange, but expected. What’s strange is that some people think there is any special meaning to it other than proving the laws of probability are correct.

Given the complete lack of credible evidence, I would.

Show me some valid literature showing reproduceable results, and I will rethink that. But so far, such data is missing.

If real, unicorns are the best way to explore other planets.

The question in the title cannot be answered.

Here’s some reproducable results. The answers that Ralph gets every time he posts this question.

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The answers are: no, no, no, no, no, nothing, and no.

And they will be the next half-dozen times you ask this question. I can see that future clearly.

Dude, that’s some serious funny you did there!

Given that ralph124c has repeatedly been informed that there is no scientific evidence for psychic powers, he should be well aware that there is no possible factual answer to the question in the OP. Therefore I’m closing this. Anyone who wishes to discuss this further may open a thread in IMHO or MPSIMS.

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