Are Senators Scared OF Body Builders?

I mean why are steroids illegal. I’ll tell you why. It is not that they are worried about the harmful side effects of roids. No the reason steroids are so illegal is because of the infactuation of SPORTS in this country.

I mean no parent of some high school football team wants another team to have an advantage against their team ie steroids so they push their congressman to make them as illegal as morphine and speed. I mean come on. Roids bad as morphine and amphetamines what a bunch of hooey.

And don’t start lecturing me on how harmful they are. Everything is harmful if you abuse it. If someone shoots roids consistently over time, yea it is going to give them trouble. As far is it shrinking you gonads well isn’t that the business of the user(besides if you take clomid they come back). But short cycles just to put on some size or get past a plateau is not going to hurt anything. Especially compared to say drinking a six pack of beer every night which is totally legal.

Look smoking kills more people every year than all the Arnolds put together but you can buy them over the counter. Lung cancer, throat cancer, emphazema(sp), heart problems and on and on but are they illegal - NO. Why you ask because a bunch senators probably smoke or get kickbacks for the tobacco lobbies that’s why.

So the senators throw all the parents of these high school football players and olympic comittees a bone by making steroids a class 3 narcotic. Since probably all of the senators are too lazy to lift weights it won’t hurt them at all. So why not(make roids illegal) they say to themselves.

Am I wrong? As Al would say on Home Improvement, “I don’t think so, Tim”

btw Manhattan thought this would be a good debate forum so I went for it.

Why are roids illegal? I think it is because of infactuation with SPORTS not health side affects.

Oh, I also believe that there should be a minimum age requirment on roids like 21.

Bill, realize that not all steroids are illegal, not even all anabolics. Norandrostenedione, for example (“andro,” not “andros”) is legal and allowed in Major League Baseball.

The ones that are illegal are the ones that are considered by the FDA to be too dangerous for public use. Senators, as far as I know, are not involved (though I could well be wrong).

Whether the illegal steroids are more or less dangerous than any other illegal drugs is a matter of conjecture. Are they as harmful as coke or methamphetamine? Probably not. But a lot of illegals aren’t.

I actually agree with you 100%. I believe anabolic steroids should be illegal, with the dangers fully detailed, so that any idiot stupid enough to want to use them has noone to blame but himself. But then, I believe that ALL drugs should be legal, and I’m sure you don’t want to run the risk of agreeing with that.

Originally posted by andros

What does this stuff do? And where can I get some. :wink:

And what may I ask is so dangerous about them campared to cigarettes and booze.

Hold on second. Ok I am back up off the floor now.

I think you meant legal didn’t ya.

I have no problem with that but shouldn’t you list everything that alcohol can do to you on every can and bottle to just to be fair.

Bill- let me explain it to you one more time- Steroids shrink your penis. In simpler term- they make your pee-pee smaller. i know of very few men who actually think their penis is to big, and it needs to be smaller. Now, there are food products out there specialized for wieghtlifters/ bodybuilders which contain natural types of steriod tich nutrient, which, combined with diet- AND THE RIGHT EXERCISE will make your muscles grow faster- with greater definition.

Is this why they are illegal? I do not know- but it is why any normal male should never take them. Trust me on this, brother.


What I have read they only shrink your gonads not your thing(except for prolong use). Also remember if I do decide to do them it will be for one or two cycles, I don’t think from the research I’ve done that is going to do any harm what so ever to me.

But this thread is on why they are illegal when smoking and drinking are not. And I think because of sports not the health concern.

Actually, it’s both:

The FDA prohibits some of them them because they believe the harmful effects outweigh the benefits (although IMO the consumer should be the judge of that, as long as he/she knows what they do to the human body)

Sports players are prohibited from taking them because the sports authorities want to keep things fair(I also suppose they wouldn’t want to encourage players to abuse their bodies)

Of course, thank you.

Yes, I believe that alcohol should be treated just the same as nicotine and all other drugs. Legalize, legalize, legalize. And educate.

So what is the topic of this thread? Is it that “steroids should be legalized because its not as bad as morphine” or is it “government only banned steroids because parents don’t want the high school football team from the next town over to have an unfair advantage”?

Well, if its the first topic, then I don’t really have an opinion on their legality. I don’t know much about steroids, but if they don’t seem to harm anyone but yourself, then go right ahead and take them. I would support banning their use in schools though, because they are a health hazard and do give the user an advantage.
Your statement "…the reason steroids are so illegal is because of the infatuation of SPORTS in this country " makes no sense. Why would the government ban steroids because of the popularity of sports? That makes no sense.

You think roids have been banned because parents don’t want rival high school teams to have an unfair advantage? Well, if everyone used them, then everyone would have that advantage, wouldn’t they? Or maybe there are certain “steroid towns” and “steroid free towns” and its just the school teams from the steroid free towns that want them banned?

I would suggest articulating your argument a little better so that it doesn’t simply come across as a literary “roid rage”. I mean, what’s your deal anyway? Are you upset because the high school in the next town is kicking your guys asses and you think steroids will help?

Wildest Bill: You would support the legalization of other “harmful” drugs then too, correct?

I don’t think that any drugs should be illegal, including steroids. Making certain drugs illegal is often justified by the “government knows best” idea.
Adults can decide what they want to put in their bodies and steroids are no exception to this.

I don’t think it’s that simple, though. Many children would take anabolic steroids if they’re at all available. Ditto for many teenagers. Should we really let them rot just because they lacked the maturity to stay away from dangerous stuff?

Additionally, one could argue that you’re not just harming yourself by engaging in steroid abuse. After all, such behavior would ultimately affect your family, and can even make you a burden on a woefully inadequate health care system. And, as mentioned earlier, there’s indirect harm inflicted on other athletes who wisely choose to stay away from steroids.

Of course, I realize that the same arguments can also be made about tobacco. The differences are merely in the degree of harm and the details. Obviously, a line should be drawn somewhere, if we’re to decide which activities should be legal and which shouldn’t.

To be honest, I’m not sure where that line should be drawn. In any event, that’s another discussion altogether. I simply believe that steroids can harm people other than the user – and that even if they didn’t, this doesn’t automatically mean they should be legalized.

<devil’s advocate>

Like thalidomide?

</devil’s advocate>


Ignorance is not an excuse for the restriction of a drug. The pregnant women who took thalidomide weren’t making an informed decision. The entire problem could have been avoided if there had been proper testing.

But the “problem” with my position, pregnant women still have the right to eat, drink, smoke, etc. anything they want. But that doesn’t change anything.

Ingesting substances that can hurt the fetus is ignorant, selfish and stupid, but not illegal. Legally, a pregnant woman can drink and give her baby fetal alcohol syndrome too, does that mean alcohol should be illegal?

andros wrote:

Isn’t plain old testosterone on the FDA’s list of illegal anabolic steroids?

Fair enough, Utopia. I just like to make sure that anyone who calls for blanket legalization is prepared to foot the tax bill for testing and monitoring.

Tracer, that is correct as I understand it. But andro, and some others, which are legal, convert into testosterone.

Not necessarily, but perhaps ingesting large quantities should be illegal under certain circumstances (e.g. when you’re pregnant). Additionally, your example only speaks to the current legality of the situation, as opposed to its morality.

What, exactly, is an “infactuation,” and why is it somehow related to SPORTS (in all caps)?

(I mean, really - you’d think this child would have learned by now.)


andros, I’m sure the money spent on drug enforcement, incarceration of non-violent drug “criminals”, and taxes similar to tobacco and alcohol placed on legalized drugs would more than cover it. :slight_smile:

JubilationTCornpone, but what would be the specifics of the law? Would it be illegal for a pregnant woman to buy alcohol? What if it is for her husband? Or she is entertaining guests?

We all know how effective laws against underage drinking are. How would laws against pregnant women be any different? If they really wanted to drink couldn’t they find someone to buy them alcohol as easily as underage kids do?

Morality is irrelevant in discussions about the current status of the law. I recognize that it would be immoral, ignorant, selfish and stupid to drink while pregnant, but that doesn’t change my position. No “person” is harmed by drinking while pregnant.

Uh, Bill? It’s called a penis. Not a “thing.” Penis. Penis penis penis penis penis.

Now, are we happy?

By the way, steroids not only destroy your body, but make you more aggressive, vindictive, spiteful, etc etc. They’re also extremely addictive-PHYSICALLY.

What’s wrong with a little exercise and diet? I mean, do you really want to go to your reunion and punch out your old teacher because you’re hepped up on steroids?

gosh, I wonder what his classmates thought of him…

Steroids should be legal, since I believe that all drugs should be legal.

However, they should be ABSOLUTELY banned from every sporting competition, and I guess that means we’d need urine testing for athletes at all levels, including high school. (I’m not talking about government regulation, but voluntary enforcement by the various sports authorities. I would not let my child engage in any sport that didn’t ban performance-enhancing drugs). If you allow athletes to take steroids, then the advantage goes to the one most willing to damage his body through heavy drug usage. That puts heavy pressure on all the competitors to follow suit.

I certainly don’t want my child thinking that she has to take drugs to compete in sports.

My father-in-law has a prescription for Thalidomide, it helps treat his chemo side effects. It’s not banned, we just know now it’s not safe for pregnant women.