Are some people dominantsexual or submissivesexual instead of hetero or homosexual?

I feel the need for a disclaimer that I don’t think anything is WRONG with any kind of sexuality per se, I’m just curious about a distinction.

I always assumed people were either attracted to men or women, or both. But I assumed it was the physical form they were attracted to whatever their orientation is. So say you’re a hetero woman so you are attracted to men, of course there are millions more qualifiers and stuff but basically the first condition that must be fulfilled for you to be attracted to someone if that they are male.

But in talking to people about extreme same sex segregation situations like prison or a ship wreck I realized several people didn’t seem to view human sexuality that way, they viewed it more like you’re either dominantsexual or submissivesexual. So to such a person a male is acceptable as a sex partner as long as he is being penetrated or performing oral. Like the basic mental idea isn’t I am attracted to men or women, it is I want to be penetrated or penetrate?

Am I totally off base here? I assumed sexuality was based on what physical form you were attracted to, not social roles.

Well, your first data point could be yourself. What kind of physical form do you find attractive, and is the main requirement being top or bottom (so to speak)?

I suspect in most cases the physical form is more important for arousal – for example I think many/most straight men would be unwilling to penetrate a man, even for straight guys who like to do anal with their female partners.

However, I should say in passing that when I lived in Spain ISTM there was a culture of, at least jokingly, believing that straight = top, gay = bottom. So, if you let a woman use a strap-on with you; that’s gay, but to penetrate a guy would not be.