Are some people "super-charged"?

Let me preface my question with a little back story…

My girlfriend has the worst luck w/ electronic devices. So much so that I barely trust her w/ a computer or digital camera. I can’t even count the number of times that a device has gone completely wonky just from her using it. Things will freeze up, stop working, etc. Included in this long list was a stereo that completely stopped turning on after she used it, and an electrical outlet in a hotel room that went dead after she plugged something into it (it had worked fine for me). The weird thing is, she says that it’s been like this all her life and that her brother has the same misfortunes w/ electronics.

I remember seeing something on a TV special once about the possibility of some humans having a strange electromagnetic field that can cause this sort of trouble. I’ve had a hard time finding any cites or references to this theory online though, but I’d like to see if there’s actually anything to this. I do believe that humans give off an “aura” of sorts, and I’m wondering if hers is supercharged or something.

So… anyone have any input on this or any idea on where I can read more into this theory?

There are people who think that street lights turn off when they are present - what they fail to realise is that they don’t know what the street lights are doing when they’re not present - sodium lamps tend to go into slow on-off cycles as they fail, and you’re far more likely to remember a light switching off as you happen to pass it than you are to remember the hundred that just stay on as you stroll by. It’s called confirmation bias and humans are really great at it.

I suppose there are other factors that might make people more likely to experience failure of sensitive electronic items; choice of clothing, for example, or long, frizzy, dry hair - both of which can be responsible for generating static electricity. There’s also simple ham-fistedness. If there is some such thing as a genuine supercharged electric aura present around some people, I’ve never seen it reputably reported.

i know a man who has trouble with watches. any watch he wears with a battery will speed up. this interested the elec. engineers at work quite a bit and watch exper.s ensued. no matter make or model the watch would speed up by at least 15 minutes with him wearing it over several hours.

he had no effect on wind-ups. we were rather bummed that he had no effect on other things that we had him try. we were really hoping for an uncle fester.

I wear a self winder, I have caused a number of standard battery run quartz watches to slow down, and eventually run backwards. I wore mainly g-shocks, since that is what mrAru kept buying me whenever I complained that it was not working right. [never could get any of them to run forewards any more :frowning: ]

Not sure if I am super charged, don’t seem to suck the juice out of cell phones or flashlights - i regularly carry my treo in my left pocket and my caribinier miniflashlight keyring in my right pocket. They both work just fine. Seems to only be wristwatches.

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