Are spammers brain dead??

I mean really…come on. Here’s an email I got this morning:

Subject: Magic Writer
Completely new, innovative ,interesting and attractive !!!
Usage:Write with this product.First you can see nothing.But when you point the light emitted from the keychain attached to this product,you can see clearly what have written.You can write on a sheet of paper,on your arm,hands,your T-Shirt,or everything you like to do funy play.This way is especially suitable for disco parties,etc.Or you can write your secret message on the place only you know and see it anytime you like.
Interested parties are welcome for the enquiry.
Any questions, please feel free to let me know.
Thanks and best regards!
WTF? How many people read this and think “Oh, I’ll take one of those.”. I mean, they can’t even string together a proper sentence anymore. How the hell do they even sell any of this crap?

'Cause it’s magic! nod facetious smile

People are utter idiots. I’ve said this before.

It’s getting harder and harder for me to resist validating my email address for spammers. My inner grammar/spelling-nazi just wants to edit their missives and return them so freaking much. :smack:

See, its working already!

Not so much brain dead as not well translated from the original language. (Chineese?)

FWIW, I know several spammers. Most of them make more money in a day than I make in a week, and I make pretty damn good money.

Careless, selfish, greedy? For the most part. Braindead? Not even close.

I got one today signed George W. Bush. I didn’t open it tho, cuz I figured it wasn’t REALLY from the prez… :rolleyes:

And you haven’t killed them slowly and horribly because…?