Are Testicles Really Necessary? A Thirtyish Male Confronts His Fondness for Journey

I am a man who is not ashamed to listen to Journey, Styx, and a lot of the soft rock and ballads of the era. I hope this puts to rest the concerns expressed in the OP.


But first: bite me. :stuck_out_tongue:

BBV Lou, of course. Styx gets lots of crap thrown at them, and I never quite understood why.

I say if you enjoy it - be it music, wine, or anything else - its good. I don’t happen to like lots of what’s popular (music, tv, etc and so on) but call it crap? I’m not sure I can judge like that.

However I can name quite a few songs by both Journey and Styx I can do without… I’m not much of a ballad person. “Open Arms” and “Babe” can disappear from the earth and I wouldn’t miss them one bit.