Are the Apollo 10 on-board audio recordings publicly available?

Can anyone help out with a discussion I am having elsewhere about the supposed “music” heard by Apollo 10 on the far side of the moon, which Michael Collins mentions in his book was pinned down to VHF radio interference.

Mentions of the sound appear in the transcript but I haven’t been able to find any recordings of the on-board audio. (Obviously the Earth-LM comms recordings don’t include audio from the period when the LM was on the far side and out of radio contact.) Are they out there anywhere?

The transcripts are available, however, if you adjust your tinfoil space helmet a bit, this is worth watching and listening.

I just made a quick skim of the Apollo 10 Flight Journal, which is an unfinished companion to the astounding resource of the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, and there is no mention of music except wake-up calls and a few jokes.

ETA: I also skimmed the transcripts listed by Duckster and found only the same references.

Where did you find transcripts of the discussion? (Be aware that before ALSJ, there were scads of bogus “transcript” sites used by the glass-domes, alien-visitor crowd. Some are still out there even though the validated transcripts and recordings can be used to debunk them.)

Michael Collins mentions this ‘music’, so it seems to have existed, and I have no doubt that the explanation he was given was correct; the VHF transmitter on the Command Module interfered with the one on the LM.

By a strange coincidence I have been having a discussion about this music myself recently, and it would be nice to hear it- but since it happened on or around radio blackout behind the moon, it probably wasn’t recorded.